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Accelerated CLSA Program

Pega Academy is pleased to announce the launch of a limited opportunity for advanced architects — to achieve their CLSA by the end of 2019!

  • Why wait?

    With this limited offering announced at PegaWorld '19, there is no better time to take the next step in your career than right now!

    Throughout this journey, participants are expected to complete milestones to ensure a passing score is achieved on each part of the CLSA exam). Review the steps for each component below 

    1. LSA Readiness Exam
    2. CLSA Architecture Exam
    3. CLSA Application Build

    Only first-time CLSA candidates who have achieved their CSSA (in any version) are eligible to participate in this offering.

    Depending on your eligibility to participate, we will provide a one-time Pearson VUE voucher code to attempt your LSA Readiness Exam and CLSA Architecture Exam.

    Please note that you will not be given multiple free attempts to complete each level (Readiness, Architecture, App Build) of CLSA exams. Should you either fail to pass or do not appear for your first free exam, you will be charged for all future exam attempts in that level (Readiness, Architecture, App Build) at our standard exam price.

Submit your application!

Submit your application to ensure your progress is tracked throughout the year!

Browse the FAQs

Learn more about the three components of the CLSA Exam in our Certification FAQ.


Post in the Community Forum where CLSAs and moderators can assist you!

  • Milestone 1: LSA Readiness Exam

    To complete this milestone and stay on-track for program completion by year-end, we recommend you schedule your first attempt for early September.

    It is important to allow time to study and review previous course content in preparation of the exam. Already a CSSA? Be sure to take the SSA Advanced Topics!

  • Once you have completed the items below, contact to obtain your one-time LSA Readiness Exam Voucher!

  • Milestone 2: CLSA Architecture Exam

    To stay on track with this milestone, we highly recommend you schedule your first attempt between September - October. 

    Trouble studying? Don't forget about our LSA Forum, monitored by existing CLSA's in the Community! Ask a question and receive a tailored response from someone who has been where you are.

    Once you have completed the items below, contact to obtain your one-time CLSA Exam Voucher!


  • Milestone 3: CLSA Application Build

    This is the final step of the CLSA Journey. In order to achieve your Lead System Architect certification, you must successfully complete the Application Build portion of the certification process.

    When you feel sufficiently prepared, contact to schedule your application scenario.

    Must be completed by December 21st.