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Career Paths

Get working - with Pega®.
Choose from a variety of careers working with Pega products.

System Architect

Building the applications of the future.

System Architects build, configure, and implement Pega applications.  From configuring application design flows, user interfaces, and data models that satisfy design requirements to performing testing and QA, this technical role is vital to the success of any Pega implementation project.

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Business Architect

Bottom line meets top technology.

Business architects are tasked with understanding the way business people naturally think about how work gets done.  They identify objectives and requirements and write specifications that are used to configure application features.

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Marketing Consultant

Reach your customer where they are.

Marketing consultants are responsible for creating customer segments, strategy, offers, treatments, and volume constraints. They are also responsible for configuring, running, and monitoring the progress and final results of a marketing campaign.

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Decisioning Consultant

Know what your customers want before they do.

Decisioning Consultants understand the basic components and capabilities of Pega's Decision Hub and how Next-Best-Action improves the customer experience.  They are responsible for creating, simulating, and analyzing real-time Next-Best-Action decision strategies using Visual Business Director.

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Customer Service Architect

Service so easy all you need is a smile.

Customer Service Architects can create and implement applications for multichannel contact centers, integrate external data, configure the Interaction Driver, and customize the Interaction Portal user interface.

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Robotics System Architect

Automate repetitive tasks to improve efficiency.

Robotics system architects create and implement robotic automations that automate repetitive tasks within a contact center or back office environment. This minimizes errors and allows employees to be more productive and efficient.

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