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Creating a new application ruleset

2 Tasks

10 mins

Visible to all users
Intermediate Pega Platform 8.2 English


Your manager wants to preserve the initial starting version of the HRApps application before developers begin configuring application functionality. To ensure that the initial versions of the application rulesets are preserved unchanged, your manager requests that you create new application rulesets for this development cycle.

The following table provides the credentials you need to complete the exercise.

Role Operator ID Password
Senior System Architect SSA@TGB rules

Your assignment

Increment the application rulesets for the HRApps application to 01-01-02 versions.

Caution: When you complete this exercise, you lock the 01-01-01 version of each application ruleset. You cannot modify rules contained in a locked ruleset version. To modify a rule after you lock the 01-01-01 ruleset version, open the rule and save a copy of it into the unlocked 01-01-02 version of the ruleset.

You must initiate your own Pega instance to complete this Challenge.

Initialization may take up to 5 minutes so please be patient.

Detailed Tasks

1 Create new application ruleset

  1. In Dev Studio, select Configure > Application > Structure > RuleSet Stack to open the ruleset stack tab of the Application Structure landing page.
  2. Verify that there are no checked-out rules for the rulesets. Check in any rules before proceeding.
  3. Click Lock & Roll to open the Lock & Roll window to increment the application and the application rulesets.

    Lock and Roll Button
  4. In the Lock & Roll window, select all application rulesets to be locked.

  5. For each selected ruleset, in the Password field, enter password to lock the ruleset.

  6. Select Roll for all application rulesets.

  7. For each selected ruleset, in the Roll to Version field, enter 01-01-02.

  8. Update the Description to the new version.

  9. Select Update my Application to include the new RuleSet Versions.

    Note: If the application record references only the major and minor version of a ruleset, then the system automatically uses the new patch version. If the application explicitly references the patch version of the ruleset, then the developer must update the application record or create a new application version.
  10. Click Run to lock and roll the ruleset and create a new version of the application.

    Application Ruleset Button
Note: In a real-world application, the next step you must perform is to update the default designation ruleset for operators associated with each access group. Due to security restrictions in the exercise environment, you cannot perform this step.

2 Confirm your work

  1. Close the Lock & Roll window to return to the RuleSet Stack tab.
  2. From the top banner, click Refresh.
    The updated Rulesets are displayed below the current application HRApps:01.01.01.
    Lock and roll

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