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Circumstancing rules on a single variable

3 Tâches

30 mins

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Débutant Pega Platform 8.2 English


TGB sends an email to a candidate to extend an offer of employment. TGB company policy gives the candidate 72 hours to respond to the offer. However, Canadian regulations require that a company allow five business days for a resident of Canada to respond to an offer.

Note: The five-day Canadian regulation is included for exercise purposes only.

The table below provides the credentials you need to complete the exercise.

Role Operator ID Password
Case Designer SSA@TGB rules

Your assignment

Customize a version of the offer letter email to send to Canadian candidates to inform the candidate about the response time frame of five business days.

To do this, create a circumstanced version of the OfferLetter correspondence rule. For a circumstancing condition, test whether the value of the Country Code property (.Candidate.pyCountryCode) is CAN.

You must initiate your own Pega instance to complete this Défi.

L'initialisation peut prendre jusqu'à 5 minutes, donc soyez patient.

Détail des tâches

1 Create a circumstanced version of the Offer Letter correspondence rule

  1. In Dev Studio, open the Candidate case type.
  2. Select the Send Offer Letter step.
  3. Select and open the Offer Letter correspondence template.
    Note: In the pop-up, select the OfferLetterEmail rule based on the update time.
  4. Click Save as > Specialize by circumstance.
  5. On the Specialize Correspondence form, next to CIRCUMSTANCE BY, select Property and Date.

  6. In the Property field, enter or select .Candidate.pyCountryCode.
  7. In the Value field, enter CAN.

  8. Click Create and open to open the Correspondence rule form to edit the text for the circumstancing.

2 Define the behavior for the circumstance

  1. Update the text of the email to read as follows:

    Dear <<.Candidate.pyFullName>> ,

    We are pleased to offer you the position <<.Position.JobTitle>>, reporting to <<.Position.Manager>>, at a starting salary of <<.OfferedSalary>>.

    Please inform us of your intention to either accept or reject this offer within five business days.

    We look forward to your joining our organization and look forward to working with you. If you have any further queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.



  2. Click Save to save your circumstanced rule.

3 Confirm your work

  1. Create a new Candidate case.
  2. On the Collect Personal Details form, in the 3-letter country code field, enter CAN, then complete the remaining fields on the form.

  3. Click Submit. The case advances to the Collect Professional Details step.
  4. Click Submit. The case advances to the Collect Educational Details step.
  5. Click Submit. The case advances to the Collect Work Sample step.
  6. Click Submit. The case advances to the Screening stage.
  7. In the Participants section of the case, confirm that the candidate is listed as a participant in the case.

  8. From the Actions menu, use the Change stage option to advance to the Offer stage.
  9. From the Actions menu, click Determine Compensation to open the Determine Compensation assignment.
  10. Submit the offered salary and advance the case past the Manager Approval step.
  11. Open the attached email and verify that the content matches the circumstanced version of the rule. Ensure that the attached email mentions that the candidate has five business days to accept or reject the offer.

  12. Close the Candidate case.

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