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A first-of-its-kind generative AI tutor

Pega GenAI Socrates ™ revolutionizes learning by tailoring interactive dialogues to individual student needs, enhancing Pega proficiency and knowledge retention. Inspired by the time-tested Socratic method, it engages users in dynamic conversations and open-ended questioning, mirroring the effectiveness of human teaching.

How Socrates reimagines corporate learning

new skills

More deeply engrains mastery of new Pega skills.

Pega GenAI Socrates prompts students to analyze real-life scenarios in their own words, fostering immediate skill application and deeper understanding. With supporting multimedia elements like videos and graphics, student engagement is amplified for effective learning.

skill level

Tailors to each student's individual skill level.

Pega GenAI Socrates customizes lessons based on students' responses, adjusting content levels in real-time to fill knowledge gaps and skip known concepts. It also incorporates industry-specific examples to align with students' vertical market experience.

ready when you want to learn

Available whenever students are ready to learn.

Pega GenAI Socrates offers flexible, on-demand learning, allowing students to engage at their convenience, avoiding long binge sessions. This non-linear approach empowers students to delve into topics whenever they need assistance, for any duration they prefer.

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Engage with Socrates

Experience a new and innovative Socratic AI teaching approach in this interactive demo.

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Begin the new socratic System Architect mission today.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

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Pega GenAI Socrates is an AI-powered educational tool designed to facilitate learning and understanding of Pega solutions. It uses generative AI to provide interactive, conversational learning experiences that adapt to the needs and queries of learners.

Socrates is free and accessible to all users.

Pega Academy still offers a variety of learning modalities for different learning preferences, including self-paced, instructor-led training, Flex learning and hands-on challenges.

Functionality & User Experience

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The conversation with Socrates can be through text, speech-to-text or text-to-speech in one of the ten supported languages at this time (English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Polish).

You can use the Socrates Preferences panel to customize the user interface Language, Conversation style, and Industry. In addition, use the Socrates Audio toggle to use the text to speech option (headphones recommended).

For each module, Socrates will also ask you to identify your level of experience and respond accordingly.

Images, video, and other media is provided during the conversation as necessary or requested.

Progress Tracking

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Socrates constantly assesses your responses with the module learning objectives, using our RAG with specialized product knowledge from Pega documentation.

As you complete each learning objective, your progress for the Socratic module is updated in real-time. The conversation will stay active unless you exit or refresh the browser window.

Socrates maintains your completed learning objectives. Once a learning objective is marked complete, you will not lose that progress even if you exit or refresh the browser window for that module. Your Socratic preferences are also maintained between each Socratic module.

Your progress will NOT carry over to modules in other learning modalities (self-paced, Flex, or ILT).

Data Security, Privacy & AI Ethics

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Conversations with Socrates are highly secure and are reviewed solely to enhance the user experience. Socrates retains textual conversations for one year and does not save audio.

Pega has implemented robust data security measures, including encryption, access controls, and regular security audits. Additionally, we ensure compliance with applicable data protection regulations. Data is never shared outside of Pega.

Pega follows industry best practices and enforces strict guardrails around the data to provide responses.

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To report potential ethical concerns in Socrates responses, users can use designated channels like feedback forms or support tickets. A team of experts reviews and investigates these reports, taking necessary actions such as updating the generative AI model or refining training data. Users are informed of the actions taken, and continuous monitoring ensures similar issues do not recur.

Feedback & Support

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We capture feedback to enhance learner experience, identify issues, and ensure our content is correct. To provide feedback on your experience using Socrates, click a smiley face at the bottom left and share your thoughts.

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To open a support ticket or submit a correction click Contact Us at the bottom of the Socrates Preferences panel.

Pega also provides support through a variety of channels, including a comprehensive online help center, community forums, and direct assistance from the support team. Users can access documentation, submit support tickets, and engage with other users for solutions and advice.

Knowledge Source & Accuracy

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Socrates’ knowledge is derived from comprehensive data and information provided by Pega Documentation. This knowledge base is regularly updated and maintained to ensure that Socrates has access to the most current and accurate information available. The maintenance process involves systematic reviews and updates to keep the knowledge base relevant, useful, and reliable.

Pega documentation includes detailed guides, best practices, and case studies that provide a robust foundation for the knowledge base used by Socrates.

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