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How To Buy Training

Looking to purchase training for yourself or your team? We've got multiple options to get started today.

  • Paying For Training

    Training is paid for by purchasing Pega Academy Credits.  A training credit is a unit of payment only utilized in the Pega Academy. The purchase of credits allows students to easily self-enroll into a course. Organizations will typically purchase the amount of training credits required for a number of students, and share the key with them. This also allows the training administrator to monitor training consumption, and progress.

  • How to Purchase Credits

    The cost per credit is 15 USD. 

    The easiest way to purchase training credits is to visit our Purchasing Training Credit page.  You will need to sign in or create a Pega account with your professional email address in order to purchase credits. 

  • Credit Durations and Expirations

    Pega Academy Credits are valid for 12 months. Contact us if you need to request a credit extension.

    The following fees are deducted from your remaining credits based on the number of months requested for the extension:

    • One additional month: 10% fee deducted from remaining credits
    • Two additional months: 20% deducted from remaining credits
    • Three additional months: 25% deducted from remaining credits