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PRPC: Bootcamp

This course is for System Architects and Developers who will be creating solutions to solve complex business problems.

Bootcamp is for those who want to focus on building applications for reuse that solve complex business problems. Students design and build for reusability across multiple lines of business.


  • Knowledge of your organization's business processes

What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Create an application starting point from an Application Profile, using the Application Accelerator
  • Create a data model to map data into PRPC data classes and properties
  • Use advanced user interface rules to quickly enhance the user experience
  • Use integration wizards to allow external applications to connect to a Process Commander application
  • Use integration wizards to allow external applications to connect to a Process Commander application
  • Add case management to an existing application
  • Send correspondence to specific parties
  • Create reports, and analyze and improve the performance of applications using PRPC's tools

Course Outline

  1. Orientation

    • Overview
    • Downloading the exercise system
    • Completing the exercises
  2. Direct Capture of Objectives

    • Review the Application Profile
    • Run the Application Accelerator
    • Create the Draft Flows
    • Create the Draft User Interface
  3. Implementing Specifications

    • Create the Data Model
    • Capture Baseline Performance Data
    • Collect Customer Information
    • Allow Sales Agents to Select Order Items Screen
    • Review and Submit Orders
    • Route Sales Orders for Manager Approval
    • Conduct Functional Performance Testing
    • Create a Work Party
    • Send Notifications to a Work Party
    • Review and Select Previous Orders
    • Create Sales Order Reports
    • Conduct Final Performance Testing
    • Case Management
    • Submit an Order from the Web
    • Update the Inventory Database
    • Configure an SLA

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  • Skill Level


  • Duration

    5 days

  • Platform Version

    6.2 SP2

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