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PRPC: Integration Specialist

This course is for Certified System Architects who want to advance their ability to design, lead, and implement Integration solutions.

The PRPC integration Specialist course is an advanced course for System Architects who want to specialize in integration. The course focuses on PRPC integration concepts and capabilities, such as Web services, messaging and file interfaces, including security and processing options and is underpinned by hands-on exercises.


What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Understand PRPC's Integration capabilities
  • Implement high quality and scalable Integration solutions
  • Understand the best practices related to designing and implementing Integration solutions
  • Design and implement complex Integration solutions in the most efficient manner
  • Use the wizards when implementing Integration solutions
  • Understand reusability and specialization in Integration solutions

Course Outline

  1. Orientation

    • Welcome to the Integration Specialist Course
    • Developer Tour
    • Tour of the Base Application
  2. PRPC Fundamentals

    • PRPC Architecture - Introduction
    • Java EE and PRPC
    • Locking Basics
    • Locking Architecture
    • Using the Tracer
    • System Management Application
    • Distributed Transactions
  3. General Integration

    • Introduction to PRPC's Integration Capabilities
    • Data Mapping for Services and Connectors
    • Advanced XML Data Mapping
    • Connector Simulations
    • Global Resource Settings - Managing Variability
    • Asynch Integration Model for Services and Connectors
    • Error Handling and Debugging

    • SOAP Connectors Design and Configuration
    • HTTP Connectors Design and Configuration
    • SOAP Services - Design and Configuration
    • HTTP Services - Design and Configuration
    • Security Model For SOAP Connectors and Services
    • Introduction to Message-based Integration with JMS
    • JMS Connectors
    • JMS Services
  5. Other Services/Connectors

    • File Service
    • Multi-Threaded File Service
    • Inbound Email Service - Design and Configuration
    • Directed Web Access
    • Interacting with an External Database
    • Java Integration
    • Managing Enterprise Content with CMIS Connectors
    • Integration Case Study

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  • Skill Level


  • Duration

    7 days

  • Platform Version

    6.2 SP2

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