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CPM: Fundamentals

This course is for experienced System Architects who want to gain experience building CPM applications.

This course is a must for any system architect who will be designing and implementing Customer Process Manager (CPM) for their multi-channel contact center. Learn key features and how best to deploy and extend CPM to meet your business objectives.


  • PRPC: Fast Track
  • Familiarity with contact center vocabulary, concepts and technology (recommended)

What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Utilize key functionally within the CPM framework and understand CPM architecture
  • Deploy CPM to meet your business objectives
  • Create service processes to serve your customers consistently regardless of the channel
  • Configure CPM to suggest relevant processes to make your representatives more efficient
  • Configure CPM portals, dashboards and other key components to meet your needs
  • Configure and use dialog, coaching tips, quality reviews and knowledge content to make service representatives more effectiv

Course Outline

  1. Course Orientation

    • Overview
    • Downloading the Exercise System
    • Completing the Exercises
  2. Introduction to CPM

    • CPM Basics
    • CPM Hierarchy
    • CPM Clipboard Structure
    • Navigating CPM
  3. CPM Configuration and Setup

    • Using Landing Pages and CPM Application Settings
  4. CPM Interactions

    • Introduction to CPM Interactions
    • Understanding the CPM Interaction Driver
  5. CPM Interaction Driver Behaviors

    • Rules that Govern Interaction Driver Configuration
    • Understanding and Configuring CPM Data Source Rules
    • Configuring Intent When and Intent Task Rules
    • CPM Interaction Driver Configuration and Options
    • Configuring Suggested Processes and Case Review
    • Using Interaction Goals to Vary Service Processing
    • Interaction Driver Best Practices and FAQs
  6. CPM Service Processes

    • Using the SPA to Create New Service Processes
  7. Helping Users

    • Creating a Dialog
    • Using Coaching Tips
    • Creating Knowledge Content
  8. CPM Composite

    • Configuring the CPM Composite
    • Configuring the Data Source Rules for the CPM Composite
  9. CPM Portals

    • Configuring CPM Portal Search
    • Configuring the CPM Dashboard
    • Configuring CPM Portal Options
  10. Other CPM Configuration Options

    • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
    • Quality Reviews
  11. Tabbed Navigation

    • Introduction to Tabbed Navigation
    • Tabbed Navigation Display Options
    • Configuring Tabbed Navigation

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  • Duration

    3 days

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