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Next-Best-Action Advisor

This course is for professionals who participate in the design and development of Pega Marketing solutions.

The NBA Advisor course provides a detailed explanation of the concepts and functions of the solution and of the screens and screen items that are available to the Customer Service Agent during a customer interaction. The course shows how the underlying decision strategies and tables are configured within the NBA Advisor development environment and how they can be edited to meet the changing needs of the business.


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What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Understand the functions and screens available in the Customer Service Agent portal.
  • Configure the underlying decision strategies and tables.
  • Edit call reasons, offer bundles, business issues and propositions.

Course Outline

  1. Course Overview

    • Overview
    • Completing the Exercises
    • Downloading the Exercise System
    • Inbound Marketing and NBA Advisor Overview
  2. Introduction to Next Best Action, Next Best Offer and Offer Negotiation

    • User Home Screen and Customer's Welcome Screen
    • Next-Best-Action and Next-Best-Offer
    • Offer Negotiation Overview
  3. Using Customer Intent to Drive the Next Best Action

    • Determining the Next Best Action for a Customer
    • Capturing a Customer's Intent
    • Servicing the Customer
    • Creating a Personalized Customer Interaction
  4. Recommending the Next Best Offer to a Customer

    • Assessing the Next Best Offer for a Customer
  5. Negotiating a Deal with a Customer

    • Organizing and Presenting Negotiation Offers
    • Developing Offer Palette Tabs
    • Developing Offer Comparison Lists
    • Establishing the Financial Targets of a Negotiation
    • Assembling Pre-Qualified Deals for a Customer
    • Ensuring Offer Compatibility
  6. Steering Strategy Execution with Control Parameters

    • Driving Next Best Action Strategies through Control Parameters

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  • Duration

    4 days

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