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Pega Marketing Advanced

This course is for professionals who participate in the design and development of Pega Marketing solutions.

Take advantage of everything Pega Marketing has to offer by becoming an expert on its features, capabilities and benefits. Learn to implement leading-edge capabilities such as omni-channel marketing campaigns that respond to real-time customer events. Optimize customer contact and adapt to changing customer behavior and market trends. Gain hands-on experience with control groups and contact policies to further increase the relevance and effectiveness of your Pega Marketing programs.


What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Design and implement a monthly newsletter campaign.
  • Set marketing goals and measure effectiveness based on metrics you choose.
  • Improve relevance and response rates by applying Adaptive model to an outbound campaign.
  • Build Next-Best-Action marketing programs that are triggered by real-time events.
  • Measure the impact of a marketing campaign.
  • Control the frequency of customer contact.
  • Seamless integrate with fulfillment systems and other external processes.

Course Outline

  1. Orientation

    • Course Overview
    • Completing the Exercises
    • Downloading the exercise system
  2. Nurturing Customers

    • Customer Nurturing Campaign
    • Practicing What You Learned
  3. Marketing Driven by Real-time Events

    • Introducing Real-time Events
    • Creating a Real-time Event
    • Associating an Event with a Marketing Program
    • Using Real-time Event data in a Strategy
    • Running an Event triggered Program
    • Extending the Event Payload
    • Practicing What You Learned
  4. Measure Marketing Effectiveness Using Control Groups

    • Introducing Control Groups
    • Creating a Control Group
    • How the Control Group Details are Stored
    • Building a Strategy Pattern to Utilize a Control Group
    • Practicing What You Learned
  5. Complying with Contact Policies

    • Introduction to Contact Policies
    • Creating Contact Policies
    • Implementing Contact Policies in Strategies
    • How Contact Policy Details are Stored
    • Practicing What You Learned
  6. Creating an Omni-Channel Marketing Offer

    • Creating an Omni-Channel Marketing Offer
    • Practicing What You Learned
  7. From Marketing to Fulfillment

    • Introducing the Hand-Off Shape
    • Configure Hand-Off Shape in an Offer Flow
    • Hand Off to an External Process
    • Hand-Off Shape Implementation, End to End Scenario
    • Practicing What You Learned
  8. Invalidating In-flight Offers

    • How To Stop In-flight Offers
    • Practicing What You Learned
  9. Adaptive Outbound Marketing

    • Designing an Adaptive Campaign
    • Practicing What You Learned

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  • Duration

    2 days

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