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Decisioning for System Architects

This course is for certified system architects who also passed the decisioning consultant exam.

The objective of this course is to teach you how to create and configure decisioning rules which are most used in a decisioning implementation. You learn about the event strategy and how to create mock data using Monte Carlo method to test strategies. You also learn how to configure decision data flows to load customer data, to execute a decision strategy and to write results into interaction history. You gain experience with data flows used for the make decision and capture response process.


What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Build a decisioning service and invoke using a REST call.
  • Create and test an event strategy.
  • Generate mock data using Monte Carlo data set and use it in application testing.
  • Implement adaptive learning in real-time and batch scenarios.
  • Create response strategies and translate customer behavior into outcomes.
  • Use decision data rules to implement global control parameters.
  • Create and visualize key performance indicators in Visual Business Director.
  • Customize Visual Business Director dimension and level hierarchy.

Course Outline

  1. Course Introduction

    • Before You Begin
  2. Decisioning as a Service

    • Decisioning as a Service
    • Practicing What You Learned
  3. Detecting Dropped Calls

    • Detecting Dropped Calls
    • Practicing What You Learned
  4. Testing Strategies with Monte Carlo Data Set

    • Show me how to use a Monte Carlo data set
    • Practicing What You Learned
  5. Implementing Adaptive Decisioning

    • Implementing Adaptive Decisioning
    • Practicing What You Learned
  6. Adapting to Business trends using Global Control Parameters

    • Global Control Parameters
    • Practicing What You Learned
  7. Measuring Business Performance

    • Measuring Business Performance
    • Practicing What You Learned
  8. Customizing Business Dimension

    • Customizing Business Dimensions
    • Practicing What You Learned
  9. Course Summary

    • Before You Leave

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  • Duration

    9 hours

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