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Implementing Pega Smart Dispute for Issuers

This course is for System Architects who need to build a Pega Smart Dispute for Issuers solution.

This course demonstrates features of the Pega Smart Dispute for Issuers application and describes how this application automates the disputes process. This course also explains the architecture of the application and provides students the opportunity to customize and configure the application using realistic business requirements.


What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Describe the dispute process for both debit and credit transactions
  • Define terms used in the dispute process
  • Describe how the application fits into Pega's broad set of financial service application offerings
  • Demonstrate key processing paths of the application
  • Identify rules that comprise the application
  • Implement the application based on sample business requirements

Course Outline

  1. Course Introduction

    • Before you begin
  2. Examine the Business Scenario

    • Describe a credit card transaction scenario
    • Explore dispute and chargeback processing
    • Legacy dispute processing and VCR differences
  3. Explore the Application

    • Architecture
    • Case types
    • Data model and integration
    • Accounting and correspondence
  4. Dispute Process Components

    • Dispute process components overview
    • Dispute intake and qualification
    • Government regulatory compliance
    • Third party resolution networks
    • Reason codes and Reason Code Advisor
    • Visa Claims Resolution (VCR) processing
  5. Configuring the Application

    • Reviewing requirements
    • Customizing qualification questions
    • Configuring duplicate scoring
    • Configuring write-off threshold
    • Configuring high number disputes setting
    • Configuring on-us processing
    • Configuring third party resolution network
    • Setting up accounting rules
    • Testing the application
  6. Course Summary

    • Conclusion

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    1 day

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