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System Architect Essentials: French

This course is for System Architects who are responsible for developing business applications.

Learn the core competencies for participating in the development of a business application built on the Pega Platform. Learn how to use Pega's rules-based architecture to configure and test application functionality such as process flows, UI screens, automated decisions, and properties.


  • Have some experience developing software applications.
  • Knowledge of the business processes and policies in use at your company.
  • A basic understanding of business application development.
  • Familiarity with one or more project methodologies such as Scrum, RUP or Waterfall.

What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Apply Pega's principles of application design and development to deliver business applications that are Built for Change.
  • Use Pega Express to model the life cycle of a case that mirrors the way business people naturally think about how work gets done.
  • Use Designer Studio to refine and enhance the case life cycle design to build a business application Identify the tasks and responsibilities of the System Architect on a Pega Implementation.
  • Configure case and case processing behavior.
  • Create data classes, and properties to use in a Pega implementation.
  • Automate decision-making throughout an application to improve process efficiency.
  • Incorporate and manage reference data to allow applications to adapt to changing business conditions.

Course Outline

  1. Course Introduction

    • Before you begin - FR
  2. Pega's Business Application Platform

    • The Pega Platform - FR
    • Principles of application development - French
    • Best practices and guardrails - FR
  3. Prototyping an Application using Pega Express

    • Designing a case life cycle - FR
    • Assigning work - FR
    • Enforcing service levels - FR
    • Creating user views - FR
  4. Case Design using Designer Studio

    • Requirements management - FR
    • Managing case life cycle exceptions - FR
    • Adding optional business process - FR
    • Sending correspondence - FR
    • Guiding users through a business process - FR
    • Designing complex process flows - FR
  5. Report Planning and Design

    • Process visibility through business reporting - FR
  6. Application Design

    • The role of the system architect - FR
    • The building blocks of a Pega application - FR
    • Accessing applications - FR
    • Assessing guardrail compliance - FR
  7. Case Design

    • Creating cases and child cases - FR
  8. Data Model Design

    • Data elements in Pega application - FR
    • Setting property values automatically - FR
    • Setting property values declaratively - FR
    • Passing data to another case - FR
    • Reviewing application data - FR
  9. Process Design

    • Activities - FR
    • Configuring a work party - FR
    • Configuring a service level agreement - FR
    • Routing assignments - FR
    • Configuring correspondence - FR
    • Circumstancing rules - FR
  10. Decision Design

    • Automated decisions in Pega applications - FR
    • Configuring when rules - FR
    • Configuring decision tables and trees - FR
  11. UI Design

    • Designing a UI form - FR
    • Reusing text with paragraph rule - FR
    • Configuring responsive UI behavior - FR
    • Designing a dynamic UI - FR
    • Validating user data - FR
  12. Report Design

    • Creating reports - FR
    • Optimizing report data - FR
  13. Data Management

    • Caching data with data pages - FR
    • Managing reference data - FR
    • Integration in Pega applications - FR
    • Creating a connector - FR
  14. Application Debugging

    • Debugging Pega applications - FR
  15. Course Summary

    • System Architect Essentials Course Summary - FR

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    7 days

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