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Using third party predictive models

This course is for business users who are responsible for developing Next-Best-Action decision strategies.

Does your client have a large investment in PMML-compliant predictive models? Help them maintain that investment while making the move to Pega Decision Management. Learn what PMML is and how to directly use the predictive power of these models in Pega decision strategies. Gain hands-on experience converting third-party predictive models to decisioning artifacts that drive Next-Best-Action.


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What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Understand the Predictive Model Markup Language.
  • Use PMML models in decision strategies.

Course Outline

  1. Using third party predictive models

    • Before You Begin
    • Third Party Predictive Models
    • Practicing What You Learned
    • Before You Leave

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    1.3 hours

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