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Workforce Intelligence Essentials

This course is designed for anyone new to Workforce Intelligence and would like to learn about the main reporting screens and dashboards.

This course teaches the basics of Workforce Intelligence so you can better manage your employees by understanding where they spend their time throughout the day.

What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Articulate the difference between Production Work, Other Work, and Non Work
  • Login to Workforce Intelligence and utilize the Time Selector to filter views by date
  • Navigate to the Help menu and locate topics of interest to you
  • Navigate to the Dashboard, Summary, and Timeline screens inside of Workforce Intelligence
  • Understand what score is and how you can leverage it to drive performance improvements
  • Determine who is using what applications and screens and for how long
  • Use the Timeline to get specific information about how employees spend their day
  • Understand how your employees are impacted by the application

Course Outline

  1. Basics of Workforce Intelligence

    • Workforce Intelligence Essentials Introduction
    • Introduction to Workforce Intelligence
    • Getting Familiar with Workforce Intelligence
    • The Dashboard Page
    • The Summary Page
    • The Timeline Page
    • Overview of the employee experience
    • Workforce Intelligence Essentials Summary

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  • Duration

    1 hour

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