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Improving Application Performance

This course is for System Architects who want to advance their knowledge and skills of performance analysis on Pega Platform to optimize application efficiency.

This course teaches you to use performance analysis tools and techniques to insure that your application operates efficiently. Performance analysis on Pega Platform is comprised of using diagnostic tools during development, distributing processing tasks, analyzing database patterns and transactional boundaries, and detecting and correcting rules assembly issues.


  • To succeed in this course, students should: Have successfully completed the Senior System Architect course Be familiar with the use of diagnostic tools, node classification, database queries and management

Course Outline

  1. Course Overview

    • Before you begin
  2. Monitoring Application Performance

    • Identifying performance issues
    • Addressing rule assembly and execution issues
    • Diagnosing database issues
    • Classifying system nodes
  3. Course Summary

    • Improving Application Performance summary

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  • Duration

    2 hours

  • Platform Version


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