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Integrating Pega Sales Automation with Outlook and Exchange

This module is intended for system architects who will be participating in a new Pega Sales Automation implementation.

In this module, participants will explore how Pega Sales Automation can be integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. The Outlook integration allow users to send email and track conversations related to their sales from within Microsoft Outlook. The Exchange integration ensures that your Microsoft Exchange and Pega Sales Automation calendars are always synchronized.


What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Demonstrate Microsoft Outlook integration with Pega Sales Automation
  • Compare Microsoft Outlook integration options
  • Configure integration for Outlook VSTO and Outlook Office add-ins
  • Demonstrate the Microsoft Exchange calendar integration
  • Describe the Microsoft Exchange calendar integration architecture
  • Configure Microsoft Exchange calendar integration

Course Outline

  1. Outlook & Exchange Integration

    • Before you begin
    • Integrating with Microsoft Outlook
    • Integrating with Microsoft Exchange calendar
    • Summary

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  • Duration

    1 hour

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