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Pega Certified Marketing Consultant

This certification exam is for professionals who wish to learn the skills and knowledge needed to successfully design and develop Pega Marketing artifacts.

This certification ensures you have the skills to apply design principles of Next-Best-Action, marketing offers, target audiences, decision strategies, and running and monitoring marketing campaigns. The PCMC version 8 exam includes multiple choice questions. If multiple answers are required, the text states how many responses are needed.


Exam Topics (% of exam)

Next-Best-Action (8%)

  • Getting started with Pega Marketing
  • Optimizing the customer value in the call-center
  • Authoring Next-Best-Action decisions
  • Configuring NBA Designer for real-life scenarios

Offer Management (12%)

  • Defining and managing propositions
  • Designing an offer for email customer engagement

Decision Strategies (17%)

  • Designing a strategy for multi-channel customer engagement
  • Learning from historical interactions

Analytics (20%)

  • Predicting customer behavior
  • Adaptive outbound marketing

Customer Selection (20%)

  • Identifying an audience for outbound engagement
  • Measuring marketing effectiveness using control groups
  • Complying with contact policies

Outbound Customer Engagement (8%)

  • Marketing with traditional outbound campaigns
  • Limiting the offer volume in outbound engagement
  • Running simulations to test offer distribution
  • Launching 1:1 customer engagements
  • From marketing to fulfillment

Real-time Marketing (15%)

  • Marketing driven by real-time events
  • Web marketing driven by real-time containers
  • Format

    • 90 minutes
    • 60 questions

  • Passing Score


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