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Pega Marketing Essentials

This course is for marketing consultants and decisioning consultants who are responsible for designing and managing multi-channel customer engagement in an organization.

Dive deeper into the features, capabilities and benefits of Pega Marketing in this essentials course. Get hands-on experience designing, launching and monitoring a multi-channel customer engagement. Learn how to create and test the required marketing artifacts to create a multi-channel customer engagement and traditional outbound campaign.


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Course Outline

  1. Course introduction

    • Before you begin
  2. Getting started with Pega Marketing

    • Tell me about the Next-Best-Action approach
    • Tell me about marketing campaigns
    • Show me Pega Marketing in action
    • Let me configure a campaign
  3. Optimizing the customer value in the call-center

    • Show me how Next-Best-Action is used in a contact center
    • Show me how to use Next-Best-Action designer
    • Let me replace an offer in the contact center
  4. Defining and managing propositions

    • Tell me how to define propositions in my organization
    • Show me how to manage propositions
    • Challenge me creating new propositions
  5. Authoring Next-Best-Action decisions

    • Tell me about Next-Best-Action Designer
    • Show me the Next-Best-Action Designer hierarchy
    • Tell me about a web marketing scenario
    • Show me how to display an offer on a website
    • Tell me about offer eligibility
    • Show me how to configure offer eligibility
    • Tell me about offer prioritization
    • Show me how to prioritize offers
  6. Configuring Next-Best-Action Designer for a real-life scenario

    • Tell me about U+Bank web marketing scenario
    • Let me display an offer on a web site
    • Let me add eligibility rules
    • Let me prioritize offers based on customer interest
  7. Designing a strategy for multi-channel engagement

    • Tell me about marketing strategies
    • Show me how to design a marketing strategy
    • Show me how to apply contact policy restrictions
    • Show me how to test a strategy
    • Let me design a strategy
  8. Predicting customer behavior

    • Introduction to data analytics
    • Tell me how to predict customer needs
    • Tell me about adaptive model outputs
    • Show me how to use adaptive decisioning
    • Challenge me adding an Adaptive Model component
    • Tell me how to retain customers using predictive analytics
    • Show me how to retain customers using predictive analytics
    • Challenge me selecting a proposition based on prediction
  9. Learning from historical interactions

    • Tell me how to learn from historical interactions
    • Show me how to configure interaction history component
    • Challenge me adding Interaction History component
  10. Identifying an audience for outbound engagement

    • Tell me about segmentation
    • Show me how to create a segment
    • Let me design a marketing segment
  11. Designing an offer for email customer engagement

    • Tell me about offers
    • Show me how to create an email offer
    • Show me how to configure a treatment
    • Show me how to test offers
    • Let me create an email offer
  12. Marketing with traditional outbound campaigns

    • Show me how to run a traditional outbound campaign
    • Let me run an outbound campaign
  13. Limiting the offer volume in outbound engagement

    • Tell me about limiting the offer volume
    • Show me how to limit the offer volume
    • Let me limit the offer volume of a campaign
  14. Running simulations to test offer distribution

    • Tell me about simulating campaigns
    • Show me how to run a distribution test
    • Show me how to run a seed test
    • Let me run campaign tests
  15. Launching 1:1 customer engagements

    • Tell me about the multi-channel campaign lifecycle
    • Show me the campaign scheduling options
    • Show me how to monitor a campaign
    • Show me how to wrap up a campaign
    • Let me launch a campaign
  16. Course summary

    • Before you leave

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  • Duration

    3 days

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