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Pega Marketing Foundation

This course is for anyone who wants to gain an understanding of the key business problems solved by Pega Marketing™.

Omni-channel, unified inbound and outbound, Next-Best-Action. Curious what it's all about? In this foundation course, we will examine why and how Pega Marketing™ is changing the way businesses think about and do marketing. Learn how Pega Marketing's customer-centric approach addresses real business problems and delivers a truly personalized customer experience while benefitting the business. Gain hands-on experience making simple yet powerful changes to the Next-Best-Action strategies.


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What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Understand how Pega Marketing is changing the way businesses think about and do marketing

Course Outline

  1. Course introduction

    • Before you begin
  2. Introducing marketing concepts

    • Tell me about marketing concepts
    • Tell me about Next-Best-Action approach to marketing
  3. Optimizing the customer value in the contact center

    • Show me how Next-Best-Action is used in a contact center
    • Show me how to use Next-Best-Action designer
    • Let me replace an offer in the contact center
  4. Enhancing customer experience in the web channel

    • Tell me about identity matching
    • Tell me about U+ bank scenario
    • Show me how identity matching works
    • Let me change the offer prioritization for the web channel
  5. Nurturing customers with outbound campaigns

    • Show me how to run an outbound campaign
    • Let me run an outbound campaign
  6. Course summary

    • Before You Leave

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  • Duration

    3 hours

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