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Workforce Intelligence Analysis

This course is designed for anyone who uses Workforce Intelligence interested in how to interpret data or in a managerial capacity.

This course teaches you how to better analyze the data presented in the various tabs under the analysis section in the navigation toolbar. You learn how to identify detractors from production work, which include process deficiencies, infrastructure challenges, manual processes, and UI design. You learn how to ask the correct questions based on the data provided in the portal.

What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Relate how data aggregate reports are generated and explain the different options to download WFI data/statistics
  • Demonstrate how to navigate the Opportunity Finder page and determine how to properly apply opportunity tags to track and implement potential savings through coaching or targeted processes
  • Demonstrate how to navigate the Screen Analysis page and demonstrate how to interpret the screen data to improve processes
  • Illustrate how to apply screen rules
  • Describe how your employees are impacted by the application UI Design
  • Demonstrate how to navigate the Wait Time page and how to interpret the data to best address issues caused by application wait time
  • Demonstrate how to navigate the Workflows page
  • Demonstrate the value of targeted tag assignment and identify opportunities for process improvement

Course Outline

  1. Workforce Intelligence Analysis

    • How To Read The Screen Analysis page
    • Interpreting Screen Analysis Data
    • Understanding Wait Time and Its Impact
    • How To Navigate Within Opportunity Finder
    • Interpreting The Data In Opportunity Finder
    • Introduction To Workflow Page
    • Understanding Workflow Types and Task API
    • Understanding Workflow Data
    • Understanding Export Files, Export API, and Summary API

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  • Duration

    1.5 hours

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