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Creating Data Types

This module is for developers who want to create reusable data objects for use in Pega Platform applications.

In this module, students learn about using data types to model reusable data objects in Pega Platform applications.

What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Indicate when a data type is required in an application
  • Identify local, systems of record, and reference data use cases for data types
  • Differentiate a Pega data type from external system data types
  • Create a data type
  • Add fields to a new data type
  • Add records to a new data type
  • Configure a system of record for an existing data type
  • Create an external data type based on a REST API
  • Map REST response fields to the same or different data properties and types

Course Outline

  1. Creating Data Types

    • Application data processing with data types
    • How to create a locally sourced data type
    • How to configure a data source for an existing data type
    • How to create an externally sourced data type
    • Assessment: Creating data types

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  • Duration

    30 minutes

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