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Integrated Selling 201

This course is intended for Sales New Hires as part of onboarding.

The Integrated Selling 201 workshop is a 4 day in person training which focuses on providing Account Executives a foundation of product knowledge, sales methodology, prospecting and best practice processes. Account Executives will learn how to effectively differentiate Pega from the competition and position our products to meet customer challenges.


  • Integrated Selling 101
  • Foundation badges for DPA, CRM Apps and Sales Methodology

What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Know who is Pega and what we sell
  • Know the sales process and our Chalenger sales approach
  • Understand resources and tools available to ensure your success
  • Learn and apply prospecting best practices
  • Position/identify opportunities for Customer Engagement and DPA
  • Key differentiators, engagement strategies, and customer stories
  • Know the competition and competitive positioning for CE and DPA
  • Practice building and delivering Challenger messages

Course Outline

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  • Duration

    4 days

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