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Managing Data Pages and Views

This module is for developers who want to access and persist business and application data from both local and external sources in a way that both business and IT can understand.

In this module, students learn how to source data from Pega and other system of records. Students also learn about data page configuration capabilities such as page structure, refresh strategy, scope, sourcing options, save and edit options, and how to persist data back to a system of record.

What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Define the purpose of a data page
  • Differentiate thread, requestor, and node-level scop data pages
  • Define scope, structure, edit mode, and object type
  • Configure a refresh strategy
  • Explain the purpose and use case of edit modes

Course Outline

  1. Managing data pages and views

    • Data views and data pages
    • How to access on-demand data with a data page
    • How to configure data page sourcing options
    • How to save data with a data page
    • Assessment: Managing data pages and views

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  • Duration

    25 minutes

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