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Understanding decision strategy execution

This course is for business users who are responsible for developing Next-Best-Action decision strategies.

Learn the mechanics of strategy execution including how data flows through a strategy and the composition of component output. Receive in-depth instruction about how to develop and maintain omni-channel, Next-Best-Action decision strategies in this Advanced course. Gain experience using key strategy components such as Proposition Data, Set Property, Decision Table, Filter, Prioritize and Adaptive Model to deliver more relevant propositions.


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What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • List the most important decision components used in decision strategies.
  • Understand the various connectors inside decision strategies.
  • Understand what properties are available when building strategies.
  • Understand the data flow inside a decision strategy.

Course Outline

  1. Understanding decision strategy execution

    • Before you begin
    • Tell me how decision strategy execution works
    • Let me understand the decision strategy execution
    • Before you leave

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    2 hours

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