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Senior System Architect: Advanced Topics

This course is for Senior System Architects who want to prepare for the Lead System Architect program.

In this course, you learn advanced topics to further develop your technical knowledge of app development on Pega Platform™. The topics covered in this course help to prepare Senior System Architects for enrollment in the Lead System Architect program.


What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Explain how conversational processing can enhance the user experience in Pega applicationss
  • Create guided tours to introduce users to applications
  • Add push notifications to Pega applications
  • Explain how to test and troubleshoot mobile applications
  • Modify security policies regarding user authentication
  • Audit changes to values in fields
  • Explain how to conceal sensitive data in Pega applications
  • Identify performance issues affecting Pega applications
  • Address rules assembly and execution issues
  • Diagnose database issues affecting Pega applications

Course Outline

  1. Overview

    • Completing the course exercises
    • Business use cases: HRApps and ReserveIt
  2. User Interface: Multi-Channel Processing

    • Introduction to multi-channel processing
    • Conversational channels
    • Configure Facebook chat integration
    • Configure conversational processing for a case type
    • Configure a Facebook channel conversation
    • Assessment: Multi-channel processing
  3. User Interface: Organizing Form Content

    • Introduction to organizing form content
    • Layout groups
    • Positioning dynamic layouts
    • Assessment: Organizing form content
  4. Organizing Form Content: Exercise

    • Exercise: Organizing form content for presentation
  5. User Interface: Creating Guided Tours

    • Introduction to creating guided tours
    • User guidance
    • Create a guided tour
    • Creating a guided tour
    • Add help to UI fields
    • Assessment: Creating guided tours
  6. Creating Guided Tours: Exercise

    • Exercise: Creating a guided tour
  7. Mobility: Using Notifications in a Mobile App

    • Introduction to using notifications in a mobile app
    • Notifications
    • Sending notifications to a Pega mobile app
    • Sending a manual notification
    • Configuring an automatic notification
    • Assessment: Using notifications in a mobile app
  8. Using Notifications in a Mobile App: Exercise

    • Exercise: Adding push notification capability to Android app
    • Exercise: Configuring push notifications for an app
  9. Mobility: Testing and Troubleshooting a Mobile App

    • Introduction to testing and troubleshooting a mobile app
    • Troubleshooting a mobile app
    • How to enable debugging and retrieve logs for a mobile app
    • Load testing an offline mobile app
    • Assessment: Testing and troubleshooting a mobile app
  10. Security: Authenticating Users

    • Introduction to authenticating users
    • Pega authentication and authentication types
    • Configuring security policies
    • Assessment: Authenticating users
  11. Authenticating Users: Exercise

    • Exercise: Modifying security policies
  12. Security: Auditing Changes to Field Values

    • Introduction to auditing changes to field values
    • Field level auditing
    • Implementing field level auditing
    • Assessment: Auditing changes to field values
  13. Auditing Changes to Field Values: Exercise

    • Exercise: Auditing changes to field values
  14. Security: Concealing Passwords and Sensitive Data

    • Introduction to concealing passwords and sensitive data
    • Password and sensitive data concealment
    • Creating a Pega Platform or custom cipher
    • Assessment: Concealing passwords and sensitive data
  15. Application Development:Identifying Performance Issues

    • Introduction to identifying performance issues
    • Guardrail warnings and system alerts
    • Identifying performance issues using alerts
    • Adjusting performance alert thresholds
    • Assessment: Identifying performance issues
  16. Identifying Performance Issues: Exercise

    • Exercise: Adjusting alert thresholds
  17. Application Development: Addressing Rule Assembly and Execution Issues

    • Introduction to addressing rule assembly and execution issue
    • Performance impacts of rule assembly and execution
    • Diagnosing and addressing rule assembly and caching issues
    • Assessment: Addressing rule assembly and execution issues
  18. Addressing Rule Assembly and Execution Issues: Exercise

    • Exercise: Using the Static Assembler
  19. Application Development: Diagnosing Database Issues

    • Introduction to diagnosing database issues
    • Database issues that impact performance
    • Diagnosing database issues
    • Addressing database issues
    • Using the Purge/Archive wizard
    • Assessment: Diagnosing database issues
  20. Diagnosing Database Issues: Exercise

    • Exercise: Using the Purge/Archive wizard
  21. Application Development: Classifying System Nodes

    • Introduction to classifying system nodes
    • Node classification
    • Classify nodes using node types
    • Associating background tasks with classified nodes
    • Assessment: Classifying system nodes

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