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Senior System Architect Exercise Updates

This course is for system architects who want to extend their knowledge of Pega Platform™ and improve their ability to implement Pega solutions in an efficient manner.

In this course, you practice common application development tasks performed by senior system architects to develop a Pega Platform™ application. This course supplements the Senior System Architect 8 course by providing an opportunity to repeat exercises on a more recent version of Pega Platform. The exercises in this course are based on Pega Platform 8.3.


Course Outline

  1. Senior System Architect Exercise Overview

    • Completing the course exercises
    • Business use cases: HRApps and ReserveIt
  2. Application Versioning: Exercise

    • Exercise: Creating new application rulesets
  3. Application Rulesets: Exercise

    • Exercise: Configuring application rulesets
  4. Managing Application Development: Exercise

    • Exercise: Merging a development branch
  5. Rule Resolution: Exercise

    • Exercise: Rule resolution
  6. Circumstancing: Exercise

    • Exercise: Circumstancing rules on a single variable
    • Exercise: Circumstancing rules on multiple values
  7. Duplicate and Temporary Cases: Exercise

    • Exercise: Searching for duplicate cases
    • Exercise: Working with temporary cases
  8. Parallel Processing: Exercise

    • Exercise: Configuring parallel processing
  9. Flow Action Processing: Exercise

    • Exercise: Configuring flow action pre- and post-processing
  10. Decision Tables and Trees: Exercise

    • Exercise: Configuring a decision table
  11. Approving Cases with an Authority Matrix: Exercise

    • Exercise: Configuring a cascading approval process
  12. Organizational Records: Exercise

    • Exercise: Updating assignment routing
  13. Field Values: Exercise

    • Exercise: Creating work status values
  14. User Portals: Exercise

    • Exercise: Customizing a harness
    • Exercise: Customizing a portal
  15. Enabling Accessibility Features in Applications: Exercise

    • Exercise: Enabling accessibility features in an application
  16. Localized Application Content: Exercise

    • Exercise: Localizing a UI form
  17. Keyed Data Pages: Exercise

    • Exercise: Source a page property with a keyed data page
  18. Database Updates: Exercise

    • Exercise: Reading and writing data to a database
  19. Exchange Data with Other Applications: Exercise

    • Exercise: Creating a SOAP connector
  20. Simulating Integration Data: Exercise

    • Exercise: Simulating integration data
  21. Integration Setting Management: Exercise

    • Exercise: Managing global resource settings
  22. Integration Errors: Exercise

    • Exercise: Configuring error handling for data pages
  23. Web Services: Exercise

    • Exercise: Exposing an application with a SOAP service
    • Exercise: Accessing a Pega application using the Pega API
  24. Designing Reports with Multiple Sources: Exercise

    • Exercise: Reporting on data from multiple classes
  25. Application Security: Exercise

    • Exercise: Securing an application using RBAC
    • Exercise: Securing an application using ABAC
  26. Background Processing: Exercise

    • Exercise: Queuing a task for background processing
  27. Debugging and Performance: Exercise

    • Exercise: Reviewing log files
    • Exercise: Debugging an application using Tracer
    • Exercise: Analyzing application performance
  28. Relevant Records: Exercise

    • Exercise: Designating a relevant record
  29. Application Migration: Exercise

    • Exercise: Migrating an application
  30. Mobile Apps for Pega Applications: Exercise

    • Exercise: Deploying a mobile app for Pega Platform

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    15 hours

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