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Low-Code App Builder

This course is for developers with little or no experience developing Pega solutions.

This course prepares students to develop low-code Pega Platform™ applications that advance digital transformation for organizations.

What you'll learn

By the end of this course, you will be able to successfully:

  • Identify the three main building blocks of a Pega application
  • Model a case life cycle
  • Add user guidance to a case type
  • Apply goals, deadlines, and escalation actions to increase the urgency of work
  • Configure a view with different field types to capture various types of information
  • Configure a data type to group related fields to model a single entity
  • Create a field group and field group list to describe an entity during case processing
  • Calculate the value of a field
  • Add data records to a data type
  • Differentiate between Pega Robotics and API-based integration
  • Route tasks to one or more users
  • Configure a single-level approval step in a workflow
  • Send automated correspondence in a workflow

Course Outline

  1. Course Introduction

    • Business use cases: MyTown and U-Plus
    • Completing the challenges
  2. Low-Code Defined

    • Low-code application development
    • Pega Express methodology
    • App Studio
    • Quiz: Introduction to Low Code
  3. Defining A Customer Microjourney

    • Case life cycle
    • Creating a top-level case type
    • Creating a primary stage
    • Adding a sequential process to a stage
    • Adding single steps to processes
    • Collecting information from a user
    • Multi-step forms
    • Adding a multi-step form to a stage
    • Quiz: Defining a customer Microjourney
    • Challenge: Designing a case life cycle
  4. Setting Case Status

    • Case status
    • Changing case statuses
    • User guidance
    • Adding instructions to assignments
    • Quiz: Setting case status
    • Challenge: Setting case status
  5. Completing Work on Time

    • Service level agreements
    • Setting goals and deadlines for case resolution
    • Setting goals and deadlines for stages, processes, and steps
    • Defining an escalation action for a case
    • Defining an escalation action for a stage and a process
    • Defining an escalation action for an incomplete assignment
    • Quiz: Completing work on time
    • Challenge: Enforcing Service Level Agreements
  6. Capturing and Presenting Data

    • Fields
    • Views
    • Creating an input field
    • Creating a picklist
    • Creating attachment, location, and user-reference fields
    • Configuring fields for user views
    • Quiz: Capturing and presenting data
    • Challenge: Creating a field
    • Challenge: Creating a view
  7. Describing a Data Object

    • Data types
    • Creating a data type
    • Adding fields to a data type
    • Adding records to a data type
    • Quiz: Describing a data object
    • Challenge: Creating a data type
  8. Grouping Related Data

    • Field groups
    • Creating a field group
    • Creating a field group list
    • Quiz: Grouping related data
    • Challenge: Creating a field group
  9. Calculating Values

    • Calculated values
    • Quiz: Calculating values
    • Challenge: Creating calculated fields
  10. Making Data Available to Your Application

    • Data records
    • Data views
    • Connecting a data type to a system of record
    • Quiz: Making data available to an application
    • Challenge: Adding data records to a data object
  11. Integrating with External Applications

    • Integrating with external applications
    • Quiz: Integrating with external applications
  12. Routing Assignments to Users

    • Routing work
    • Assigning a task to a user
    • Choosing an assignee at run time
    • Quiz: Routing assignments to users
    • Challenge: Routing work to users
  13. Designing an Approval Process

    • Work approval
    • Requesting approval from a user
    • Quiz: Designing an approval process
    • Challenge: Approving work
  14. Sending Emails During Case Processing

    • Email correspondence
    • Sending automatic emails from cases
    • Sending email notifications from cases
    • Notifying participants about events
    • Defining case participants
    • Quiz: Sending emails during case processing
    • Challenge: Sending email during case processing
  15. Solution Build for Low-Code App Builder

    • Exercise for Low-Code App Builder

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