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Exam - Practice

Pega Data Scientist Practice Exam

The Pega Certified Data Scientist certification is for those who wish to further their knowledge of Pega Prediction Studio. This practice exam allows you to test your readiness for the...


CPM: Channel Services Integration

This course is an intermediate level course designed to teach Customer Process Manager (CPM) architects to integrate CPM with contact center service channels. The course shows students how to configure...


PRPC: Architecture

This course provides an overview of the architecture of PRPC. Students will learn the functional layers that make up the PRPC architecture, how PRPC is deployed across JEE servers and...


Customizing Security Requirements in Pega Applications

In this course, you use Pega Platform capabilities to satisfy common security requirements in your applications and deploy guardrail-compliant applications. The Pega Platform model-driven architecture allows you to secure applications...


Robotic Webinar: Integrating Pega and RDA

This lesson discusses the technical connections and communication between Pega applications and Pega Robotic Runtime.


Robotic Webinar: HTML Table Designer and forLoops

This lesson discusses using the HTML Table Designer, and also using the forLoops component and Queries with HTML tables.


Robotic Webinar: Using PDF Connectors

This lesson discusses the use of PDF Connectors and related developer tools.


Robotic Webinar: Static and Browse Methods

This lesson discusses the .NET framework components and static libraries, adding static libraries to Pega Robotic Automation Studio, and then implementing static methods and browse options in a solution.


Robotic Webinar: Switches, Wait, and Assisted Sign-On

This lesson discusses the implementation of the Switch component, the Wait component, and basic Assisted Sign-On functionality.


Decisioning as a Service

You often have decision strategies implementing complex business logic, but you need to invoke them from an external application. In this module, learn what are the best practices to invoke...