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Pega Marketing


Introduction to Pega Marketing

Omni-channel, unified inbound and outbound, Next-Best-Action. Curious what it's all about? In this Introductory course, we will examine why and how Pega Marketing is changing the way businesses think about...


Web Marketing driven by Real-time Containers

You only have a fraction of a second to capture the attention of a prospective customer visiting your website. How do you ensure that you pitch the right offer in...


Improving Email Click-through Rates

Your low click-through rates may simply be the result of disinterested subscribers. Learn how to prevent outbound communication with customers who have opted out or require special treatment. In this...


Nurturing Your Customer Relationship

Reaching out to customers with relevant, engaging communications is one way companies can increase loyalty and build brand over the lifetime of the relationship. A number of different types of...


Measure Marketing Effectiveness Using Control Groups

Control groups provide a quick and powerful way to measure the impact of a marketing campaign, and they are simple to incorporate into a Pega Marketing strategy. In this Advanced...


Invalidating In-flight Offers

A working Pega Marketing system can execute millions of offers per day. But what if one of those offers needs to be recalled before it reaches the customer? Learn why...


Adaptive Outbound Marketing

In outbound campaigning, presenting the right offer to the right customer at the right time is a challenge using traditional methods. However, Pega Marketing enables your outbound campaigns to automatically...


Complying with Contact Policies

Customers don't like a lot of spam. One way to combat perceived spam is to limit how many times a customer can be contacted via a specific channel. In Pega...


Marketing Driven by Real-time Events

True customer-centricity means always being there, at any moment, with a relevant offer or message. Event-driven marketing enables businesses to detect and immediately respond to real-time marketing opportunities triggered by...


From Marketing to Fulfillment

Once a customer accepts an Offer, receiving the product in the mail may be the next step in their customer journey. But fulfillment happens outside of Pega Marketing, so how...