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Pega Platform


Customizing Security Requirements in Pega Applications

In this course, you use Pega Platform capabilities to satisfy common security requirements in your applications and deploy guardrail-compliant applications. The Pega Platform model-driven architecture allows you to secure applications...


System Administration Specialist

System Administration Specialist is the starting point for system administrators who want to learn about administering applications developed in Pega 7. It covers the core topics needed to give administrators...


Leveraging Pega 7

Leveraging Pega 7 provides certified SSAs and LSAs the knowledge they need to know when and how to apply new features from Pega 7 to their application design and implementations....


Senior System Architect

The Senior System Architect program is an advanced course for those who want to learn Pega 7 concepts by designing and building for reusability across multiple lines of business.


Pega Web Mashup

In this module, students learn how to use Pega Web Mashup to increase application availability.


System Architect Essentials II

This next step course is for system architects who have successfully completed System Architect Essentials I. This course helps to solidify the foundational knowledge by expanding on the core concepts...


Pega 7 Fundamentals

This course provides students with an overview of the Pega 7 platform. It introduces BPM and DCO, and gives students an opportunity to use the Pega Designer Studio to create...


Business Essentials for Technical Architects

Business Essentials for Technical Architects is for students who want to learn about Pega 7 application development from, the perspective of the business architect. Students start with requirements to develop...


System Architect Essentials I

System Architect Essentials I is the starting point for system architects who want to learn about the Power of Pega 7 and covers core Pega 7 topics needed to give...


PMF Fundamentals

Students in the PMF Fundamentals course learn the key concepts and application tools that ensures a successful PMF application implementation throughout the lifecycle of a Pega project development.