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System Architect Essentials II

This next step course is for system architects who have successfully completed System Architect Essentials I. This course helps to solidify the foundational knowledge by expanding on the core concepts including business reporting and focusing on best practices and guardrails.


Business Essentials for Technical Architects

Business Essentials for Technical Architects is for students who want to learn about Pega 7 application development from, the perspective of the business architect. Students start with requirements to develop specifications and implement basic PRPC functionality


System Architect Essentials I

System Architect Essentials I is the starting point for system architects who want to learn about the Power of Pega 7 and covers core Pega 7 topics needed to give students the foundational knowledge required to build Pega enterprise applications.


Designing and Implementing Mobile Solutions

The Designing and Implementing Mobile Solutions course is an advanced course for System Architects who want to advance their knowledge of Pega 7 in the area of mobility. The course focuses on Pega 7 Mobility concepts and capabilities underpinned by hands-on exercises.


Leveraging Pega 7.2 for System Architects

This course describes the additions to the Certified System Architect (CSA) curriculum for Pega 7.2. System architects who have already completed the Pega 7.1 release of the System Architect Essentials I and II courses can enroll in this course to learn the topics that were added to the 7.2 CSA curriculum.


Pega Platform Foundation

Learn the core principles of model-driven application design development on the Pega platform. (Content from this course is included in the System Architect Essentials and in the Business Architect Essentials courses. If you are enrolled in one of those courses, you do not need to enroll in this course.)


System Architect Essentials

Learn the core competencies for participating in the development of a business application built on the Pega Platform. Learn how to use Pega's rules-based architecture to configure and test application functionality such as process flows, UI screens, automated decisions, and properties.


Implementing Care Management

In this course, participants will learn how to implement a Care Management Application and build out the utilization management program so that it meets site-specific process and connectivity requirements.

Exam - Practice

CSA Practice Exam

This practice exam allows you to test your readiness for the certification exam and helps you identify areas in need of focused study. The first lesson, Exam Overview provides an overview of the actual PearsonVUE certification exam experience. The second lesson, Practicing for the Exam- provides an overview of the practice exam experience followed by sample exam questions.


Pega Customer Service Foundation

Students get handson experience using Pega Customer Service interactions and service cases. In addition, students learn best practices when using functions such as dialog management and coaching. Upon completion of Pega Customer.