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UI Specialist

The Pega 7.1 User Interface Specialist course is designed to help architects further their knowledge of the Pega 7 UI components and their ability to design and implement UI solutions in the most efficient manner. This course covers a breadth of topics from the basics of understanding Reusability and Specialization to implementing high level quality User Interfaces with the Pega Platform.


Pega Platform and Applications Overview

Pega Platform and Applications Overview introduces you to ways that Pega can enable a more agile organization by automating business processes.

Exam - Certification

Certified UI Specialist

  • Platform Version 7.1

The Certified UI Specialist (CUIS) certification validates the ability to create a Pega UI that delivers a world class user experience, including appropriate use of UI rules, concepts, and components of a multi-process application, and the ability to design, create, and style user interfaces based on business requirements and UI mockups. This exam includes multiple choice questions and matching items. NOTE: The CUIS 7.1 certification will be retired on February 28, 2019.