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Creating Business Reports

This module teaches you how to create reports to display process metrics for a case type. Using the Pega Platform Report Browser, you learn to configure reports that deliver insight...


Optimizing Report Data

This module teaches you how how to use property optimization to improves report performance.


Delegating Rules

This module teaches you how to allow business users to update business-oriented rules which enables faster maintenance for rules that reflect highly volatile business conditions.


Agile Studio Dashboard and Reporting

In this module, students learn how to access the Agile Studio Dashboard to interpret embedded and canned reports to better manage sprint and release planning, access the Report Browser to...


Agile Studio Essentials

This course covers the Agile Studio project management system, what Agile Studio is, how it can be used on agile project, how it works with Agile Workbench, how to create...


Pega Platform 8.1 Release Features

This course covers new features in the Pega Platform 8.1 Release including the new App Studio, Dev Studio, Prediction Studio, and Admin Studio, Case Management social enhancements, DevOps Deployment Manager,...


Delivering a Pega Project

In this course, you learn the activities and best practices for successful Pega project delivery. You follow a journey-centric delivery approach to development. You learn how to scope, resource, and...


Setting a Service Level

In this module, students apply service levels at the case, stage, process, and assignment level to increase speed to resolution.

Exam - Certification

Certified System Architect

  • Platform Version 7.4

The Certified System Architect (CSA) certification is for developers and technical staff members who want to learn how to develop Pega applications. This certification provides a baseline measurement on your...


PCBA Certification Test Preparation Clinic

Our Certification Test Preparation Clinics allow students to refresh their knowledge, review test objectives and sample questions, and ask questions to a Certified Pega instructor online.