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Business Architect

Exam - Certification

Certified Robotics System Architect

  • Platform Version 8.0

This certification exam is designed to validate the skills, knowledge, and tasks specific to automating Robotic solutions. The exam includes scenario questions, multiple choice questions and drag/drop items. If multiple...


Pega Customer Service Foundation

This course allows you to gain experience with several of the products that are a part of Pega Customer Service. You use Pega Express, Pega Chat, Pega Co-Browse, Pega Knowledge,...


Pega Customer Service for Communications Foundation

In this course, students learn the key features and differentiators of Pega Customer Service for Communications. Students get hands-on experience using Pega Customer Service for Communications interactions and service cases....


Controlling the Flow of a Case Life Cycle

In this module, you learn how to update a case life cycle to control case workflow. Using Pega Platform's model-driven tools, you model decision points in a case life cycle,...


Agile Studio Concepts

This module covers what Agile Studio is, how it can be used on agile projects, and key tasks you can perform in Agile Studio, depending on your project role.


Business Architect Essentials

In this course, you learn how Pega Business Architects work within the application development process and how to use Pega's model-driven tools to directly capture customer objectives in Pega Platform....


Designing a Case Life Cycle

In this course, students model a business process as a case life cycle in a Pega Platform application. Using Pega Platform's model-driven tools, students organize a case life cycle into...


Validating Case Data

In this module, students learn how to configure a case type to validate user input and prevent processing errors due to incorrect user entry. This module discusses several approaches to...


The Role of the Pega BA

In this module, students learn how Pega's proprietary Journey Centric Development methodology applies Scrum to developing a Pega application. You also learn how to use Pega Platform to capture business...


Introduction to Pega Platform

In this module, you learn the core principles of application development using Pega Platform, preparing you for further Pega Academy training. Hands-on exercises help solidify your understanding of these core...