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Customizing the Pega Customer Service User Interface

In this module, you learn how to customize the user interface of a Pega Customer Service application. You use hands-on exercises to learn how to update existing user interface elements...


Implementing Pega Customer Service

In this course, students learn how to integrate external data into a Pega Customer Service application. Students familiarize themselves with the existing Pega Customer Service data model and extend it....


Pega Collections Overview

Pega Collections combines Pega Customer Service for Financial Services and Pega Marketing for Financial Services to provide a front to back office solution including marketing features that support contact and...


Improving Application Performance

This course teaches you to use performance analysis tools and techniques to make sure that applications operate efficiently. Performance analysis on the Platform is comprised of using diagnostic tools during...


Pega Sales Automation Foundation

In this course, participants will learn the basic terminology that is used, and activities that are performed by a sales operator in a sales office, and also learn and use...


Launching a Multi-channel Campaign

Next-Best-Action marketing campaigns can be submitted for execution by a user or automatically invoked by a strategy. In either scenario, the execution lifecycle progresses through a number of stages that...


Simulating Campaign Results

Simulate an actual run of your Next-Best-Action-driven campaign and analyze every aspect of its execution with Pega Marketing's campaign testing features. Explore the two types of testing available for multi-channel...


Pega Marketing Consultant

Dive deeper into the features, capabilities and benefits of Pega Marketing in this certification course. Learn about the components that enable real-time, always- on marketing across outbound and inbound channels....

Exam - Practice

Pega Marketing Consultant Practice Exam

The Pega Marketing Consultant certification is for those who wish to further their knowledge of Pega Marketing. This practice exam allows you to test your readiness for the real certification...


Enriching Business Applications with Next-Best-Action

Business applications run business processes. Decision management determines what is best for the customer. Enable a business application to optimize the customer experience by augmenting it with decision management in...