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Ein Theme und einen Stil anwenden


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5 Min.

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Anfänger Pega Platform 8.5 Benutzererfahrung Deutsch
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Das Marketingteam von InsCorp hat Sie gebeten, das GoGoRoad-Anwendungs-Theme so anzupassen, dass es zur Unternehmensmarke und -ausrichtung passt. Wenden Sie die Farben und das Logo des Unternehmen auf das Anwendungs-Theme an.

In der folgenden Tabelle finden Sie die Anmeldedaten, die Sie zur Durchführung der Challenge benötigen.

Rolle Benutzername Kennwort
Application Developer author@gogoroad pega123!


Genaue Übungsschritte

1 Modify the application logo

  1. In the App Studio navigation pane, click Settings > Theme.
  2. Click Change logo to change the logo to an existing or new logo.
  3. In the dialog box, select an existing logo and click Submit.
    Hinweis: For the purposes of this challenge, use an out-of-the-box logo.
  4. Confirm that the logo to the left of the Change logo button reflects your logo selection.
    GoGoRoad application theme with new logo selected

2 Modify the application theme

  1. In the application theme, in the Theme section, click a theme.
    GoGoRoad application with new theme selected
  2. Confirm that the logo background color and the Colors in the section that follows reflect the selected colors of the theme.
  3. In the Colors section, select the Links square to open a dialog where you can modify the color of links in the application.
    GoGoRoad application theme Links color
  4. In the Hex value field, enter 0000EE.
  5. Click Save to change the link color to blue.
  6. In the Text section, to the right of Heading 1, click the second drop-down list and select Bold.
  7. To the right of Heading 1, in the third field, enter a value of 20.
    GoGoRoad application theme Heading 1 text
  8. Click Save to apply changes to the GoGoRoad application theme.

3 Verify your work

  1. In the App Studio header, click Preview application to view the theme and logo changes.
  2. Confirm that the application header uses the new logo and theme color.
    GoGoRoad application with updated theme and logo

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