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Pega Platform and application development

Pega Platform™ enables you and your teams to develop applications that simplify the management of business processes.

Pega Platform

Pega Platform applications can streamline and automate business processes in nearly every facet of your business, including IT requests, customer service Cases, sales processes, and product development tasks. Pega Platform applications help teams work smarter, faster, and more efficiently by automating business processes and sharing the results across your team or your entire organization. 

The following video reveals more about how Makers can access the power of Pega Platform applications.

Video transcript

With the Low Code technology of Pega Platform™, Makers can configure applications that streamline and automate routine business process. Every Pega Platform application has the power to: standardize the initial request for a product or service validating that the necessary information is provided from Case inception; route Cases directly to the team or team member that is best suited to complete the task; automate notifications about the status of the Case so all stakeholders stay informed throughout the Case Life Cycle; and manage approvals by both email and mobile devices for expedited Case processing.

Pega Platform applications use Service-Level Agreements to ensure that users complete work on time. The relevant Deadline and Urgency level for each work item defines its priority in the worklist of each user to ensure that the most important tasks are addressed first. Service-Level Agreements let you automate actions such as escalating a Case if work is not completed on time. 

Pega Platform applications eliminate manual hand-offs between parties as work progresses through the Life Cycle, ensuring that each task in a Case is routed appropriately. Pega applications standardize work processes by establishing a process that is followed for every new work item. Pega applications also enable teams to prioritize work, making everyone aware of, and accountable for, the agreed-on completion schedule.

Additionally, Makers can reconfigure Pega Platform applications on the fly and adjust to evolving business needs. Easily add new users to an application, initiate automated notifications to Case participants at any Stage in the process, and alter Service-Level Agreements to reflect updated requirements.

Pega Platform applications let Makers manage the ever-changing flow of business processes, which allows individuals and teams to focus on what truly adds value: the work they do on behalf of customers.

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Note: For more information about Pega Platform and its offerings, see the Pega Platform product page.

Access to Pega Platform

In the following scenario, Ren, a graphic designer, develops a Pega Platform application for his team. You can follow along with Ren in one of two ways:

  • Pega App Factory - A environment where Makers can build applications under the guidance of experienced Pega Platform developers. Whether browsing existing applications or building new ones, Pega App Factory provides governance and support for Makers as they build high-quality, sustainable applications.
  • Pega Platform: Community Edition -  A developer-focused Pega Platform trial environment. It is an open, flexible way for Pega community members to explore Pega Platform, support Pega Academy learning, and build a demo application.

If you have access to your organization's Pega instance, you can request permission to create a new application with App Factory. Contact your manager or your IT department to determine if your organization uses App Factory and the proper procedure to build a new application. 

Note: For more information, visit Pega's App Factory page.

Alternatively, you can develop applications using Pega's Community Edition platform which provides a free 30-day practice development environment. 

Note: For additional information or to sign up, visit the Pega Platform: Community Edition page.

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The Pega application scenario

Meet Ren. Ren is a Graphic Designer at the ABCTech corporation.

A cartoon headshot of Ren.

Ren works on the Creative Content team. The Creative Content team creates brochures, videos, and slide decks for the whole company.  

Ren has three other teammates on the Creative Content team: Ana (a graphic designer like Ren), Eli (a video specialist), and their supervisor, Gab, who approves all their work. 

Cartoon headshots of the Creative Content team.

Every week, the Creative Content team gets dozens of requests. It is difficult to keep them all organized and sometimes the team misses deadlines. 

Fortunately, ABCTech is a Pega client. The Pega Platform software provides non-technical teams such as the Creative Content team with the necessary tools to build an application. These tools enable the team to manage their content creation process more efficiently. 

Ren has volunteered to build a Pega application to help the team manage requests, streamline their approval process, and meet deadlines.  

Follow Ren as he explores Pega Platform and designs his first Pega application.

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