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Creating a Pega Email Bot


2 Tasks

15 mins

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Beginner Pega Platform 8.5 English
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The manager at U+ Bank wants to automate replies and notifications in the bank application as it reduces strain on the bank's customer experiences, employee productivity, and existing processes. In preparation, you have already created the email account for the bank. You are now expected to create an email bot to handle the incoming address change requests at U+ Bank.

Use the following credentials to log in to the exercise system:


User name


System Architect



Caution: To reuse the exercise system from a previous challenge, first complete the Creating an email account challenge. Otherwise, click Initialize Pega or Reset Instance in this challenge.

Your assignment consists of the following tasks:

Task 1: Create an email bot

In the Create new channel interface area, click Email to create and open a new email bot instance

Task 2: Add cases and responses to the email bot

On the Behavior tab, in the Suggested cases section, click Add suggested case to add a new case.

Challenge Walkthrough

Detailed Tasks

1 Create an email bot

  1. Log in to App Studio as the System Architect with user name EmailBotDev using password rules
  2. In the navigation pane of App Studio, click Channels to create new channel interface.
  3. In the Create new channel interface area, click Email to create and open a new email bot instance.
  4. In the Details section, enter the following information:
    1. Email channel name: My Email Bot
    2. Description: My first email bot demo
      CH26981-2-EN-email bot details
  5. In the Email handling section, click Add email account.
  6. In the Email accounts list, select UbankHelper.
    CH26981-2-EN-Email handling
  7. In the Additional settings section, in the Reference operator list, select developer. Any work that your email bot completes is performed in the context of this operator.
    CH26981-2-EN-additional settings
  8. In the upper right of the tab, click Save to establish a listener to the selected email account.
  9. Under the Email accounts list, click Verify to confirm that the email listener is successfully established.
    CH26981-2-EN-email accounts

2 Add cases and responses to the email bot

  1. On the Behavior tab, in the Suggested cases section, click Add suggested case to add a new case.
  2. In the Case type list, select Address Change.
    CH26981-2-EN-suggested cases
  3. Click Submit to add the case.
  4. In the Text Analyzer section, click Open text analyzer in Dev Studio link to open the text analyzer of the channel.
    CH26981-2-EN-text analyzer
  5. Click Check out.
  6. On the Text Analyzer rule, click Add extraction model to open the Extraction model dialog box.
  7. In the Extraction model list, select pySystemEntities.
  8. Click Submit to add around 50 pre-trained entity extraction models that are available to your email bot to the text analyzer.
  9. Click Check in.
  10. In the lower-left corner, click Back to Pega App Studio button to return to the Behavior tab.
    CH26981-2-EN-Back to Pega App Studio
  11. To the right of the Address Change case, click the Gear icon to open the Add suggested case dialog box and edit the entity mapping for the case.
    CH26981-2-EN-case type address change
  12. In the Add suggested case dialog box, on the Entities extraction tab, click Add mapping to ensure that entity values extracted from the inbound email are copied into the correct case properties.
    CH26981-2-EN-Entities extraction
  13. Map entities types to Address Change case model as follows:


    Case property


    Home Address

    From (name)

    Full Name

    From (email)

    Email address

Note:  You can find Address entity under NLP > Entities > Address and From (name) and From (email) entities under Header.
  1. Click Submit to close the dialog box.
  2. Save the channel.
    Note: If the entity list is incorrectly populated, you may have to close and re-open the Channel and interfaces tab.
  1. On the Behavior tab, in the Text Analyzer section, click Edit topics to open a dialog box that displays all of the topics available within your channel’s text analyzer.
    CH26981-2-EN-edit topics

The Address Change topic is automatically created after you add the Address Change case.

  1. Click Add item to add a new topic called Complaint.
    CH26981-2-EN-add item
    Note: Before a suggested reply is added to the channel, you must create a topic to associate to the response.


  1. Click Submit to close the dialog box.
  2. Click Save.
  3. On the Behavior tab, in the Suggested replies section, click Add suggested reply to add a new reply.
    1. In the Add suggested reply dialog box, in the Email template list, select Apology.
      Optional: Click Edit to modify the Apology email template.
    2. In the Associate topics list, select Complaint.
    1. Click Submit
      CH26981-2-EN-suggested reply
  4. Save your configuration.

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