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Reusing the standard queue processor


5 Tasks

30 mins

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Front Stage wants its Booking application to send a specific email to each participant.

Email contents will be different for different roles. e.g. Customers, Sales coordinator. 

Front Stage wants the emails to be sent efficiently and immediately.

The following table provides the credentials you need to complete the challenge.

Role User name Password
Admin admin@Booking rules


Detailed Tasks

1 Identify design options

Option 1: Standard Queue Processor

By reusing the standard queue processor, your application can send notifications to all participants with custom messages as per their role asynchronously and immediately. As a result, case processing can continue without waiting for the background process to complete. You can use the standard queue processor rule to send email notifications to all participants.

Option 2: Job Scheduler

Create a job scheduler to send notifications with custom messages to all participants at a specific time.

Option 3: Advanced agents

Create an advanced agent to send custom messages to all participants. Update the agent schedule to execute and send custom emails to all participants at a specific time which can be different from the agent rule.

2 Evaluate design options

Design Pros Cons

Standard Queue Processor

  • Low maintenance
  • Leverages out-of-the-box (OOTB) queue processor
  • Executes messages from the topic directly
  • Requires at least one stream node to be running.

Job Scheduler

  • Delivers better performance, monitoring, and diagnostics of each run
  • It cannot run immediately, it runs at a scheduled time.
  • Needs to build logic for transactional processing.
Advanced agents
  • Agent activity is again responsible for both transactional and business processing
  • Agent execution time can be updated without any code migration.
  • Needs to build logic for transactional processing.
  • It cannot run immediately, it runs at a scheduled time.
  • It is not good practice to use agents for any new requirements.

3 Recommend the best design option

It is recommended to use a standard Queue Processor for sending email notifications to all participants without any additional rules.

4 Review solution details

To review the implemented solution, switch the application to Booking Background Queue Processing when you are logged in with the Admin@Booking operator.

Background processing
Email To Participants


5 Perform the following tasks

To complete the assignment, accomplish the following tasks.

  1. Create a correspondence rule for the Customer, Sales Coordinator, and others.
  2. Log in as Admin@Booking.
  3. Create a decision table to return correspondence name based on the party role.

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