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Use Case - Creating a new clickstream summary

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The technical team has successfully developed the infrastructure for streaming web activity data, and the Pega Customer Decision Hub™ application contains an installation of the Behavioral data accelerator component.

As a result, the U+ Comms website is now streaming the web activity of subscriptions to the ProcessClickstreamData data flow. The integration team provides the following information:

  1. The website creates clickstream events only if the user has successfully authenticated on the U+ Comms website and has a valid cookie.
  2. Currently, the website creates clickstream events only for the Account page and the Home page. However, the product pages will begin streaming events in a later phase of the project.
  3. The following example shows a sample JSON payload for the BehavioralData clickstream service:
  1. The integration team also shares the following data structure with you:
    Field ID Description Type List of Values



    The unique ID of the Subscription. Maps to the SubscriptionID in Customer Decision Hub.


    1111111111, 2222222222….

    Device type


    The type of device the visitor used to access the page



    Page location


    The actual URL of the page. This value is not used for aggregation.


    Event type


    Type of event that occurred:
    PageView when the user is authenticated and logs in to the website.



    Event timestamp


    The timestamp when the event occurred. By default, the shipped summaries aggregate on system time rather than on EventTimestamp


    20240101T112714.204 GMT

    Page type


    The type of page that the visitor visited.


    Home (the login page in U+Comms)
    Account (the page after successful login)
    Offer (the page after clicking on an action)

    Page view active time


    The time in seconds the visitor spent on the page


    123, 234….

    Cookie ID


    Currently not used.

    Currently not used.


    Prospect ID


    Same as CookieID. Specific to certain third-party integrations, otherwise leave this field blank.

    Currently not used.


    Tip: A variation of this scenario exists in Creating new aggregates on streamable data.


You must initiate your own Pega instance to complete this Challenge.

Initialization may take up to 5 minutes so please be patient.

Detailed Tasks

1 Other details

  1. In the Profile Data Sources, add the Process clickstream data Data flow to the allowlist. For the Event timestamp, select Use System time.
  2. In the Profile Data Sources, create a new Summary named UComms Clickstream that aggregates the data in the Process clickstream data data flow for each CustomerID.
  3. In the UComms Clickstream summary, create the following aggregations:
    Aggregate Name ID Detail

    Avg Active Secs Acct Last 1 Day


    Calculates in seconds the average time spent on the Account page over the last day.

    Avg Active Secs Home Last 1 Day


    Calculates in seconds the average time spent on the Home page over the last day.

    Last Page


    Calculates the last page type visited by the subscriber over all time.

  1. Associate the UComms Clickstream summary with the Subscription entity, where SubscriptionID maps to CustomerID.
  2. Using Prediction Studio, add the newly defined aggregates to the Web Click Through Rate Subscription adaptive model.
  3. On the exercise landing page, log in to the U+ Comms website with the following profiles to generate clickstream data:
    Use Appswitcher to launch UComms
    1. Log in to the U+ Comms website as Bhuvi.
      Ucomms website
    2. Log out from the U+ Comms website.
    3. Log back into the U+ Comms website as Bhuvi.
  4. Confirm the aggregates are calculated for Bhuvi (SubscriptionID: 1111111111) on the Behavioral data tab, in the Customer Profile Viewer.

2 Acceptance criteria

  1. Use Customer Profile Viewer to confirm that the values in the UComms Clickstream summary for Bhuvi are aggregated correctly.
  2. The predictors are added to the Web Click Through Rate Subscription adaptive model.

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