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Merging branches into target rulesets

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When rule development in a branch is complete, make the changes available by merging branches into a target ruleset of the development application. As a result, your team provides required solutions in a timely and efficient way, without the risk of overriding or losing work.

Before you begin: Check all rules into their base rulesets before you merge branches. For more information, see Checking in a rule.

As a best practice, the system administrator creates a new ruleset version for the base ruleset, independent of the wizard. Individual teams develop rules in their specific branches, and then merge those branches into the existing base ruleset version that the administrator provides. As a result, administrators have better control over versions.

  1. Optional:

    To save time and resolve any potential issues before merging rulesets, check whether any conflicts might occur.

    For more information, see Viewing branch quality and branch contents.

  2. Optional:

    To ensure that branches include only changes that you want to merge, lock a branch after development is complete.

    For more information, see Locking a branch.

  3. In the navigation pane of Dev Studio, click App.

  4. In the App Explorer, click the Branches tab.

  5. Select branches that you want to merge:

    Choices Actions
    Merge a single branch
    1. Right-click the branch, and then click Merge.

    2. In the Merge branch dialog box, click Proceed.

    Merge multiple branches
    1. Right-click your application name, and then click Merge multiple branches.

    2. In the Select Branches to Merge dialog box, select the branches that you want to use.

    3. Click OK.

  6. If conflicts or warnings occur, on the Merge Branches tab, review information about any issues.

    You must resolve conflicts before you can merge branches. For more information, see Conflicts and warnings in the Merge Branches wizard.

  7. In the Target ruleset section, in the list of versions, select the base ruleset version into which you want to merge rulesets:

    • To create a new ruleset version in the base ruleset during the merge, select Create new version.
    • To reuse an existing ruleset, select the ruleset version.
  8. Click Merge.

    Note: When a merge is complete, you can view the details about the outcome, the number of merged rules, and the source and target rulesets.

  • Conflicts and warnings in the Merge Branches wizard

    The Conflicts and Warnings window displays an expandable list of rules that the Merge Branches wizard has identified as having conflicts, warnings, or both. To open this window, click the displayed number of conflicts and warnings on the main wizard screen.

  • Merge branches customization

    You can enhance the merge process for your development team in various ways to comply with your organization's policies and procedures. You can:

  • Branches and branch rulesets

    Typically, you use branches in development environments in which multiple teams contribute to a single application. You use branches to develop software in parallel in a version-controlled environment. For example, your teams can develop one feature in a branch while another team develops a feature in a different branch, even if they share the same base rulesets.

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