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Modifying a decision strategy

Business requirements change rapidly and typically have a different release cycle than the enterprise release cycle.

To implement any business change, you create a change request in 1:1 Operations Manager. Such changes include creating and modifying actions, treatments, group-level eligibilities and so on.

Every change request requires an associated revision. When you create a new change request, the system automatically associates the change with an existing revision. If an existing revision is not available, a new revision is created within revision management. All the changes made to the change request reflects in the revision management.

The change request types in the 1:1 Operations Manager portal support most business changes. However, for some low-volume business changes, such as changing decision strategies and editing decision data rules, use the revision management capability to create a new revision and implement the business request. You can implement such changes using revision management in the Customer Decision Hub portal.

As a best practice, use 1:1 Operations Manager portal to initiate the change requests from the existing change management flows to avoid creating conflicts between the two portals.



This demo shows you how to create and implement a change request using Revision Management.

U+ Bank uses Pega Customer Decision Hub™ and cross-selling on the web by showing various credit card offers to its customers.

The bank wants to modify the credit score decision strategy that segments customers into two categories based on the customer credit score: Suitable and Not Suitable.

Such a low-volume business change cannot be achieved by the change request types available in 1:1 Operations Manager. So, you must initiate and implement such change requests using the revision management capabilities of Pega Customer Decision Hub. To carry out the business change, as a team lead, create a revision manually in the Revision Management section of 1:1 Operations Manager.


Note that only one revision can be active at a time, and you cannot create a revision when there is an existing revision in an open state.

Once you create the revision, you switch to Customer Decision Hub to access the revision created in 1:1 Operations Manager. Now, within the same revision, you create a new change request using the Revision Management feature in the Customer Decision Hub portal.


In this case, you create a new change request to edit the engagement strategy and assign the change request to NBA designer.

When you create a change request in 1:1 Operations Manager, the required rules are automatically added to the revision and are available for the NBA designer to edit based on the objective of the task.

When the change request is created in the Customer Decision Hub portal, you must manually add the rules that are necessary to complete the new change request to the revision. This step is to ensure ensures that the rules are available for the NBA designer to implement the change.

For this change request, add the Credit Score rule of the Strategy type and submit the change request.

Once the change request is submitted, as an NBA designer, using revision management, you can access the change request assigned to you and the rules associated with it.

In the Revision Management landing page, the My Work section displays all the change requests that are assigned to the NBA designer. All the change requests created in 1:1 Operations Manager and in Customer Decision Hub are visible in the list of change requests. The Scope of changes section displays all the rules that are available to complete the change.

An NBA designer can send the change request back to the team lead if additional rules are required to complete the change request. The NBA designer can also create new rules, and those new rules are automatically added to the change request.

The NBA designer then modifies the engagement strategy that uses a scorecard to determine whether a customer is suitable to receive the credit card.

To make the decision strategy available in the Next-Best-Action Designer, the NBA designer marks the strategy as a relevant record, if not marked already and then submits the change request for approval to the team lead.

CreditScore Strategy page

In a real-life implementation, at this stage, the NBA designer typically submits the change request for testing to ensure that the business requirement is properly implemented. For this demo, the change request is submitted directly to the team lead for approval.

Submit Change Request page

On the Revision Management landing page, the team lead can access the change request, and then approve it. The status of the change request changes to Resolved-Completed.

Once the change request is complete, the changes are available to the revision manager, who can deploy the changes to production.

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What did it show you?

  • How to create a new revision in 1:1 Operations Manager.
  • How to create a change request by using revision management in the Customer Decision Hub portal.
  • How a team lead can include one or more rules for editing in a change request.
  • How an NBA designer can implement a change request in revision management.

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