Pega Platform™ '24.1 is the latest Pega Infinity™ release. This release of Pega Infinity embodies a relentless pursuit of innovation by streamlining automation from end to end and incorporating generative AI technology to further refine development processes.

Pega Platform '24.1 introduces many new features and improvements, including Pega GenAI™ Blueprint, Pega GenAI™ Autopilot, and Pega GenAI™ Coach. These new Pega GenAI enhancements help users to automate processes across Pega Platform and speed up application development, which can reduce time-to-market.

Pega GenAI Blueprint

With Pega GenAI Blueprint, you can now build a new application from a Pega GenAI-powered definition. By describing your goals, Pega GenAI Blueprint suggests optimal application designs instantly based on Pega GenAI and a vast repository of workflow best practices. The Pega GenAI Blueprint includes Case Types, Live Data, Personas, and many other facets of a Pega application. The following video shows how designing an application with Blueprint and then importing the design with the New Application wizard works:

For more information, see Creating a new application from a Blueprint, or go to

Pega GenAI Autopilot

Pega GenAI Autopilot is a powerful Pega GenAI feature that revolutionizes process automation in Pega Platform applications. With Pega GenAI Autopilot, you can now automate complex and repetitive tasks in Pega Platform, which enables your organization to achieve higher efficiency and productivity. The feature set of Pega GenAI Autopilot includes a range of time-saving tools that streamline various elements, such as recommended Case Life Cycles, field values, and Views. Whether it is automating Case Management or simplifying data entry, Pega GenAI Autopilot empowers users to work more efficiently and effectively. The following figures shows how Pega GenAI Autopilot automates field creation for Views based on the name of the View, Case Type, and Stage:

In the Edit View menu, you can click Add fields with Autopilot to automate field creation.

Pega Autopilot automating field creation for Views
For more information, see Pega GenAI Autopilot in application development.
Pega GenAI Coach

In Constellation applications, you can now add and configure Pega GenAI™ Coach, a generative AI-powered mentor for Pega solutions that proactively advises users to help them achieve optimal outcomes. Coaches can be easily configured to ensure that each Coach is perfectly tailored to an organization’s objectives and their employees’ specific needs. You edit the definitions, instructions, and data sources, and Pega GenAI Coach runs by configuration at run time.

In the following example, Pega GenAI Coach is configured to summarize Case data at run time on a tab. Pega GenAI Coach condenses Case data and information into a single paragraph and makes it easier for users to review progress and recent changes to the Case:

Default Pega GenAI Coach provides a Case Summary as a response to the initial instruction.

Pega GenAI Coach providing a Case summary

For more information, see Enabling Pega GenAI Coach.

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