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Requesting feature enhancements

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Note: The following content, referenced from Pega Community, is included here to help you better achieve the module learning objectives.

Improve and adjust an application to your specific business needs by requesting a feature enhancement. You request an enhancement by creating a feedback item. Your development team triages feedback items and decides whether to implement or reject the enhancement, based on priority and available resources.

Before you begin: To provide context for the team and to speed up feature development through videos or screenshots, log in to your application in Google Chrome by using the HTTPS protocol.
  1. In the header of App Studio, click the Agile Workbench icon.

  2. Optional:

    To record a video or take screenshots, in the Agile Workbench tool, add the Pega Screen and Video Capture extension to your browser by clicking Install the plugin at the bottom of the tool, and then following the instructions in Google Chrome.

  3. In the header of the Agile Workbench tool, click Create work item Create Feedback .

  4. In the Name field, enter text that summarizes the change.

  5. In the Description field, enter text that includes the rationale for the change and details, such as use cases or metrics, that can help the team decide how to triage the feedback.

  6. In the Associated feature list, select a feature that relates to the enhancement.

  7. In the Priority field, select the relative importance of the enhancement.

    During triaging the development team uses this field to determine when they implement the feedback relative to other items in the product backlog.

  8. Optional:

    To add an attachment, click Add attachment, and then select the attachment type:

    Choices Actions
    Record a video
    1. On the Attachments menu, click Record video.

    2. In the Share your screen window, select a screen that you want to record, and then begin the recording by clicking Share.

    3. In the timer window, stop the recording by clicking Stop.

    Take a screenshot
    1. On the Attachments menu, click Capture screen.

    2. Drag the target pointer onto the screen area that relates to the feature enhancement.

    3. In the text field below the target pointer, enter additional information about the bug, and then click Capture screen.

    4. In the Share your entire screen window, select a screen that you want to capture, and click Share.

    Attach a file
    1. On the Attachments menu, click Attach files.

    2. In the Attach file(s) window, select the files that you want to upload, and then click Attach.

    Attach a URL
    1. On the Attachments menu, click Attach URL.

    2. In the Attach a link window, in the Name field, enter a descriptive name for a URL.

    3. In the URL field, enter the URL.

    4. In the Attachment category list, select URL.

    5. Click Submit.

  9. Click Save.

Note: Discuss the feedback item with a development team. For more information, see Collaborating with development teams.

  • Creating bugs to report feature defects

    Improve your application by identifying any issues that might have a negative impact and creating bugs that report feature defects. When you create bugs, your development team can track the defects, and then fix the issues to deliver an effective product.

  • Triaging a feedback item

    Actively triage feedback items to create relevant work items that you can track to closure.

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