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Using breakpoints

In Pega Robot Studio, you can use breakpoints to debug automations. They are points in an automation from which you can pause execution to examine the current values of variables and the status of an application. You can step through execution and data paths from a breakpoint, which slows down the automation flow and allows you to see the cause and effect of every design block. A red dot is displayed in the Designer window when you create a breakpoint on the automation links. You use the following commands to examine your automation:

Command name Description Menu button Hotkey
Step-into You can follow the execution path of the program and track each variable.
Step Into icon button
F11 key
Step-over You can step over the execution of a design block. If the block contains a function, the function is executed, and the result is returned without going into the execution details.
Step over icon button
F10 key
Step-out You can return to the previous execution point where the function was called.
Step out icon button
Shift + F11 key
Continue You can continue execution until the next breakpoint is reached or the program exits.
Continue icon button
F5 key
Stop You can immediately end the execution of the automation and call the program to exit.
Stop icon button
Shift + F5 key

You can add, delete, disable, or enable breakpoints anytime before or during the debugging process. 

Breakpoint functionality

You can access and modify the breakpoints before and during the debugging process by right-clicking the automation link where you want to add a breakpoint or an existing breakpoint. The following table describes the actions that you can perform on a breakpoint from the right-click menu:



How to use it

Toggle breakpoint right click menu

With Toggle Breakpoint, you can add a breakpoint to an automation from the designer window.

Right-click the automation links that are in front of the design block that you want to inspect, and then select Toggle Breakpoint.

Delete breakpoint right click menu


With Delete, you can delete breakpoint from an automation when you no longer need it.

Right-click the automation link and select Delete.

disable breakpoint right click menu

Disable allows an automation to pass over a breakpoint but still keep it in the automation.

Right-click the automation link and select Disable.

enable breakpoint right click menu

Enable allows turn on an existing breakpoint in an automation.

Right-click the automation link and select Enable.

While these options are available on the right-click menu of the automation or data links, you can also disable, enable, and delete breakpoints from the Debug menu and the Breakpoints window.

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