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Voice AI for Pega Customer Service



As the call begins, notice as Cesar reads the script, the icon turns from red to green to provide visual feedback. That Voice AI heard what the CSR said and confirmed that they followed the script.

Thank you for calling U plus Bank. I see that you haven't chosen to go paperless yet. Can we help you with that today, Miss Parker?

Oh, no thanks. I'm actually calling to add my husband, Robert Parker, to our daughter's account ending in 2010.

Voice AI detects keywords from the customer conversation and displays suggestions in the Suggested Action section. Shay Parker mentions that she wants her husband added to her daughter's account and then Voice AI suggests the Manage Account Participants case. It also suggests a knowledge article regarding opening bank accounts for teens

Ok 2010 and I'm happy to help you with that today. Is the new authorized user currently listed as a member of your household and could I please have their first name, last name and Social Security number as Caesar processed the manage account participants case?

Observe that the form is prepopulated with the information that Shay provides. The system auto fills only blank form fields. Voice AI does not overwrite existing data. Cesar validates auto filled values by clicking yes.

I don't think he's a member of the household yet. And his first name is Robert, His last name is Parker, His Social Security number is 345126789 and his date of birth is April 22nd, 1972.

That was April 22nd, 1972. Yes. And could you please repeat that social? Sure. His social is 345126789.

Yeah. OK, great. And just a phone number and e-mail address, please. OK, His e-mail address is [email protected]. His number is 413-720-3456.

So 413-720-3456. Yes and [email protected]. Correct. And what what relationship would you like Mr. Parker to have to this account?

I think it would be great to have him as a co-owner please. OK, so co-owner, great. Go ahead and doing that and e-mail has been sent to Mr. Parker asking for confirmation and photo ID to be added to the account.

Once done a specialist will review within two business days and make the changes effective or reach out if needed. Oh that's great thanks. How else can I help you today, Ms. Parker?

You know, I do have another question. I'm curious if anything changes with the account ownership. When our daughter turns 18, Shea asks a question regarding what happens to the account when her daughter turns 18 and is no longer a minor.

A Frequently Asked Questions article is suggested by Pega Knowledge to Caesar. OK, so for teen checking, which is this account ending in 2010. So for team checking, you are both owners of the account, so age has no effect on ownership.

Here the suggested case teen money is shown in the suggested action section. This suggested case comes from the next best action feature, not from Voice AI. This shows how voice AI works seamlessly with features in Pega Customer Service.

Miss Parker, there's something I think could be of great value to you. Would you be interested in learning more about our Teen money financial literacy program for young adults?

Oh. No thanks. How else can I help you today, Miss Parker? You know, I think that'll do it for today. Thanks. Thank you for contacting U Plus Bank, Miss Parker. Have a nice day. You too. Thank you.

As the interaction concludes, Pega GenAI creates an interaction summary of everything that has occurred during the call using a simulated live call. This demonstration showed how Voice AI helps Csrs provide quick, efficient and consistent service for customers.

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