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Training Frequently Asked Questions

  • Getting Started

    How do I get started?
    We highly recommend that you register for a Pega account to gain access to additional content across, Pega Academy and the PDN.  For training, explore our Learning Library or find a Pega Career Path.

    You can follow Pega on Twitter (@PegaAcademy) to stay up-to-date with services and offerings.


    Where can I find course descriptions and training information?
    You can browse or search our Learning Library.

  • Class Enrollments

    Pega Academy offers multiple delivery methods: Online Training, Public and Private Instructor-Led, and Online Mentoring. More details about delivery formats can be found on our Training Options page.

    What are online training courses and how do I enroll?
    An online training courses are self-paced courses that you take online by yourself.  Explore our Learning Library to find an online training course.

    Self-Study courses are available for a duration of six months. After this time, course access is removed. You must complete all lessons as well as the course evaluation to retain access to the additional PDF course materials in your account.

    What is an Instructor-Led course and how to I enroll?
    Instructor-Led courses are taught by certified Pega instructors. The Instructor-Led offerings are available on from Explore our Learning Library to find an instructor-led course.

    What are Online Mentoring courses and how do I enroll?
    Online Mentoring courses are hybrid courses that combine online training and access to instructor-led guidance. This gives students an opportunity to submit questions to a certified Pega instructor, and work directly with the instructor on course material and exercises. Explore our Learning Library to find an online mentoring course.

    What are Hot Topics and how do I enroll?
    Hot Topics are one-hour weekly pulse updates that offer a glimpse into Pega’s technical capabilities. Hot Topics run globally every Friday and are free for registered users.

  • Payments and Credits

    How do I pay for training?
    You can pay for training by purchasing Pega Academy Credits. A training credit is a unit of payment only used in Pega Academy. The purchase of credits allows students to easily enroll in a course with a Credit Key. 

    How do I buy Pega Academy Credits?

    Please review our How to Buy Training page.

    How long are Pega Academy Credit Keys good for and how do I get an extension?
    Pega Academy Credits are valid for 12 months. You may request a credit extension for up to three months by submitting a request.

    The following fees are deducted from your remaining credits based on the number of months requested for the extension:

    • One additional month: 10% fee deducted from remaining credits
    • Two additional months: 20% deducted from remaining credits
    • Three additional months: 25% deducted from remaining credits

    What is the Credit Key Administrator?
    The Credit Key Administrator is the person within your organization who is responsible for managing and sharing the Credit Key.

    A user guide is available to assist you with navigating credit consumption as an administrator:

  • PDN Profile

    How do I merge multiple PDN accounts?
    To merge PDN accounts, send an email request to and include the following information:

    • Current email address to be associated with your PDN account
    • Any additional accounts
    • The email address that you want to log-in with

    How do I update my email address?
    Follow these steps to add email addresses to your PDN profile.

    • Log in to the PDN
    • From the menu bar, click the Hello link (your user ID) to navigate to your PDN profile page.
    • Click the User Account tab
    • Add any known email addresses used for previous instructor-led course enrollments to the Alternate Email Addresses section.
    • Click Update Profile. Changes may take up to 48 hours to take effect.
  • More Information

    What do I do if I still have questions?
    If you still have questions, contact us.