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Training Frequently Asked Questions

  • Getting Started

    How do I get started?
    We highly recommend that you register for a Pega account to gain access to additional content across, Pega Academy and the Pega Community.  For training, explore our Learning Library or find a Certification Path.

    You can follow Pega on Twitter (@PegaDeveloper) to stay up-to-date with services and offerings.

    Where can I find course descriptions and training information?
    You can browse or search our Learning Library.

  • Class Enrollments

    Pega Academy offers multiple delivery methods: Online Training, Public and Private Instructor-Led, and Mentored Online Training. More details about delivery formats can be found on our Training Options page.

    What are Online Training courses and how do I enroll?
    Our Online Training offerings are self-paced courses or modules that allow you to access training 24/7. Explore our Learning Library to find an online training course.

    Online Training enrollments are available for a duration of six months. After this time, course access is removed. You must complete all lessons in order to retain access to the course materials in your account.

    What is an Instructor-Led Training and how to I enroll?
    Instructor-Led courses are taught by certified Pega instructors. The Instructor-Led offerings are available for registration in our Learning Library.

    What is the Mentored Online Training program and how do I enroll?
    Mentored Online Training combines the access of Online Training, with the support of a Pega certified instructor. These sessions are tailored to working professionals who cannot devote business hours to learning Pega application development. To learn more about this program structure and pricing, check out our Mentored Online Training page.

  • Payments and Credits

    How do I pay for training?
    You can pay for training by purchasing Pega Academy Credits. A training credit is a unit of payment only used in Pega Academy. The purchase of credits allows students to easily enroll in a course with a Credit Key. 

    How do I buy Pega Academy Credits?

    Please review our How to Buy Training page.

    How long are Pega Academy Credit Keys good for and how do I get an extension?
    Pega Academy Credits are valid for 12 months. You may request a credit extension for up to three months by submitting a request.

    The following fees are deducted from your remaining credits based on the number of months requested for the extension:

    • One additional month: 10% fee deducted from remaining credits
    • Two additional months: 20% deducted from remaining credits
    • Three additional months: 25% deducted from remaining credits

    What is the Credit Key Administrator?
    The Credit Key Administrator is the person within your organization who is responsible for managing and sharing the Credit Key.

  • My Pega Profile

    How do I merge multiple accounts?
    To merge accounts, send an email request to and include the following information:

    • Current email address to be associated with your account
    • Any additional accounts
    • The email address that you prefer to log-in with

    How do I update my email address?

    1. Login to your Pega account.
    2. Navigate to your Pega account profile page by clicking on Hello (Your Name) in the top menu bar.
    3. Click the My Profile link.

    4. Click the Edit Profile link.

    5. Click the Add alternate email link. 

    6. Click the Save Profile button at the bottom of the screen.

    7. An email confirmation will be sent to your Alternate email address. You must click the link in the email message to confirm and activate your alternate email address.

    8. Wait approximately 48 hours for the completed course to be associated with your Pega account.
    9. Confirm if the course displays in your Transcript.

    NOTE: If you receive an error indicating that the email address you added already has a Pega community account associated with it, please contact and request the two accounts to be merged. Be sure to include your Primary account email address and the alternate address you want added.

  • My Training

    My log in credentials do not work for the exercise URL?
    Each exercise is developed with log in credentials that are specific to that exercise. These can be found both within the course when prompted to complete the exercise, and in the Exercise Guide. The Operator ID and Password are provided along with the Role in each Scenario.

    How can I reset my exercises?

    • Open the course to the Course Overview page
    • Select Options
    • Select ResetExercises

    Is there something missing from My Training?
    When you encounter an unexpected issue (for example, missing courses, exercises, lessons, or elements on a page), this is often because the cached content in your browser has not updated properly. To refresh your content, try this generic troubleshooting technique:

    1. Log out from all Academy/Community/ related sessions.
    2. Clear your browser caches and cookies.
    3. Restart your browser and log back in.

    If that does not resolve the issue:

    • Try a private browsing session, or
    • Try a different browser

    If the issue persists, contact

    Why am I receiving so many emails?
    If you selected “I am planning to take a certification” when you completed your course enrollment, Pega Academy will send you progress and encouragement emails to keep you on track toward achieving your certification before the course expires. By selecting “I am using this course for reference”, you have opted out of receiving emails.

    I would like to unsubscribe from emails.
    Please unsubscribe by opening the course you are receiving reminder emails for. Click Options, and select Unsubscribe from the drop-down, and submit the request.

    How can I ensure I will not lose access to my Online Training?
    Online Training is available for six months upon date of enrollment

    To ensure access to your online training materials beyond this period, students must complete the course.

    You will know when your course is complete if all of the lessons contain a green check-mark, and all of the quizzes have been completed!

    My exercise system has expired!
    Cloud exercises will expire after 15 days of inactivity, or 10 days after students have completed their final lesson.

    Activity is marked by completing a lesson. Simply logging into the course and reviewing previous modules will not mark your system as active.

    My course is not appearing in my transcript
    In order for a course to appear in your transcript, you must complete the entire course, marking each lesson complete.

    Please allow up to two business days for this change to reflect in your transcript.

    Why does my video have no audio?
    Pega Academy has some Demo videos that do not have audio. These simply demonstrate a method of configuration.

    Why am I unable to access the video?
    Pega Academy uses Brightcove for video delivery. If you are unable to play course videos, contact your System Administrator to determine if a firewall is restricting your access. If there is no firewall issue, then contact

  • Accelerated CLSA Journey

    What is the Accelerated CLSA Journey that was announced at PegaWorld?
    We are launching the Accelerated CLSA Journey in recognition of the demand we have seen from members of the Pega Community to enhance their expertise of the Pega platform. This Journey will allow selected professionals with CSSA level certification to accelerate through their Readiness, Architecture and App Build prep classes and exams before the end of 2019.

    After I apply for the Accelerated CLSA Journey, what are the next steps?
    The Pega Academy team will reach out to inform you of the status of your application. Should you be accepted, expect to receive a confirmation email from in July. To ensure that you receive emails from the CLSA team, please double check that emails sent from are not marked as spam in your filter.

    Will I be able to select the dates and times of my prep classes and exams during the Journey?
    The Pega Academy team will send an email to assign you a schedule of prep classes and exams. If you are unable to participate in the exam prep classes and exams that you have been assigned, please let us know within a week after acceptance to the program.

    What type of support can I expect from the Pega team during the Accelerated CLSA Journey?
    While the Readiness, Architecture and App Build classes are all self-directed, the Pega Academy team will be available to answer questions through a dedicated support email address and will conduct virtual two-hour exam preparation classes led by Pega trainers and other members of the CLSA community.

    Are there costs associated with the Accelerated CLSA Journey?
    Upon acceptance into the Journey, you are eligible to attend all exam prep classes, and participants will receive a free first attempt for each exam. A Pearson VUE voucher code will be provided for each CLSA written exam component – LSA Readiness and CLSA Architecture, administered at a Pearson VUE testing center. To schedule the CLSA App Build, you will work directly with the CLSA Team.

    Where can I apply for the Accelerated CLSA Journey?
    Please submit your application here.

  • More Information

    What do I do if I still have questions?
    If you still have questions, contact us.