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初級 日本語


InsCorpは、多くの顧客が、サービスリクエストを開始し、情報の一部を入力してからケースを破棄することに気づきました。 システムに破棄されたサービス リクエスト ケースが蓄積されないようにするため、InsCorpでは、ケースにIDが指定される前に、顧客に顧客情報、場所、車両を入力することを希望しています。 いったん作成されると、ケースはデータベースに保持されません。 ケースは、Submissionマルチステップフォームで車両情報が収集されると保持されます。


ロール オペレータ ID パスワード
アプリケーションデベロッパー author@gogoroad pega123!



チャレンジ ウォークスルー


1 Create and persist a temporary case

  1. In App Studio, from the navigation pane, click Case types > Assistance Request to open the Assistance Request case type.
  2. Click the Settings tab to open the Assistance Request case type properties.
  3. In the General section, under Behavior, select the Create temporary case that is not saved until a 'Persist case' step is reached check box.
  4. Click Save to save the Assistance Request case type. A new case does not persist to the database.
  5. Click the Workflow tab to open the Assistance Request case life cycle.
  6. Hover over the Submit request multi-step process and click Configure process to open the Process modeler.
    補足: From the case life cycle, you can only add Collect information steps to a multi-step form. To add other types of steps to a multi-step form, open the process. 
  7. In the Process modeler, click Add flow shape > Automations > Persist case.
  8. Drag the Identify vehicle connector to the Persist case step.
  9. Hover over the Persist case step and drag the connector to the end step.
    補足: By default, flow shapes are added to the center of the process modeler and may overlap. Move shapes as necessary to make the process easier to interpret.
  10. Click Stages & steps to return to the case life cycle.
  11. Click Save.

2 Confirm your work

  1. In the Assistance Request case type, click Save and run to run a new instance of the Assistance Request case type.
  2. Advance the case to one of the steps in the multi-step form.
  3. From the lower-right corner, click the Toggle runtime toolbar icon.
  4. On the toolbar, click the Clipboard icon to open the Clipboard tool.
  5. In the Thread drop-down, select New to view the New thread.
  6. Click pyWorkPage and confirm that pyTemporaryObject is set to true and the pzInsKey value is blank. These values indicate that a case does not persist to the database.
  7. Close the clipboard dialog.
  8. Advance the same case to the Enter payment information view.
  9. Open the clipboard and confirm that there is a thread with the case ID for the current case instance.
  10. Confirm that pyTemporaryObject is blank and the pzInsKey value shows the case ID.


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